CONTEST: The International GosuBet Contest - Winners

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 04 September 2012 23:03


The International is over for this time, and with Valve crowning a winner, we at GosuGamers can do the same as our GosuBet contest to win an Alienware X51 mini gaming desktop, three progamer-signed mousepads and 200 Dota 2 beta keys is over!

Top prize: the Alienware X51 Mini Gaming Desktop
alienware-x51-rightside.pngWe are happy to finally annouce our winners in The International GosuBet Contest, where we invited you to place your GosuBets for The International's group stage and playoff matches. Out of the 4,015 of you who entered the contest, only one could stand as the top prize winner, and Philippines mineski1989 is our top prize winner.

He was able to guess right on 49 of the matches, and with his branch boost coming from his grand final bet on Invictus Gaming versus Natus Vincere, he was able to get ahead of the runner-up Serbia Baja who also landed at 49 wins but with less branches won.

He is the lucky (or skilled) winner of this powerful, versatile desktop that delivers an immersive HD gaming experience so you can meet any challenge, and boasts an Intel® Core™ i7-3770 processor, a 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 555 graphics card and a 2TB hard drive.

The winner is to send their full shipping information within ten (10) days to Tjernobylbarnet through our Private Message system.


Social media mousepad contest

steelseries-mousepads-1.jpgsteelseries-mousepads-2-wha.jpg steelseries-mousepads-2-mtw.jpg steelseries-mousepads-2-cw.jpg

The SteelSeries QcK Dota 2 mousepads signed by Dota 2 professional team trio mTw, We haz Asian and Copenhagen Wolves will also find a home, as the winners have been randomly picked out from Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

The Facebook contest, where you were to share this wall photo (shared by 4556 people), was won by Denmark Robert Laszlo.

The Twitter contest, where you were meant to retweet this post (retweeted 205 times), was won by Italy Matteo Guglielmetti.

Last but not least, the Reddit post which you had to leave a comment on to be in the contest, was won by Ukraine motor4ik. 554 people commented on the post.

Winners are to send their full shipping information within ten (10) days to Tjernobylbarnet through our Private Message system.


The International GosuBet Contest Top 200
- Dota 2 beta key winners

mineski1989, Baja, GucciYacht, skykenz, sinematic, shpiko, s0ngwriter, 1cHiGo, cheeese, ataMmm, Zowcii, goky, pkp, Timoteii, roma, Abraham.Purple, kaizzerlike, rzepa, xcnstamx, yz, OOOOOO, taco, quistis03, ac5, hitdat, Hunhowl, GG.Shanks, crowsenz, geraldace, HGI, gankmeplease, alphy, hashishin, belmontzzz, jagoan, a.s.h.h.a.d, Qured, WilleZ23, DeadMaGe, may3rd, preachers, Tinnypeen, MugiwaraLuffy, Lighten101, hbr, vantomane, janjalani, Toki, DomV, remixdrama, pinoypride69, tmac1_carlo, tezuka, 231342, RogeX, Suzaku, HydES, DzonDou, hollowme, Milence,, DrouGluiN, neNo-, kosuta, userdead, sarangel, plty, flokkie, Me4onyX, azn_how, andrlz, alexutz, aaronz, asianlike, zmuffinman, Gudii, X-3cution3r, paweg, HeMeZiD, muinainen, icecreams, Ka13raxiS, jp2y, davidgk, hell0R, De3, srujanreddy1989, fr0stm0urne3, Tyarena, chobonope, Kirises, Bode, lalalelelili, daenim, marSu, D.Wygant, nah_lo, luc14n0, oma1s, moshangcheng, hotsauce001, star_27, Djani, kurt222, Cubed, janthology, raylee914, vohoangson, dczyrinx, SuperYamateh, dwade2323, NGD, Fireflies, danty, malphas, DoD4uFN, kickflip.master, freeball29, x-xx-, watsons_water, ReVeStOs, saff, LXG_FLY, .cloud.J, ttrickster, mikser, kriszteian, Mysq, Denton1ph, OllieWilliams, BlastStyle, AQality, -K, aout, Holypepsi, Cheating.death, poser.heccy, jhonny_55, Mhyco-, lembitu, paS-, PikachuLinda, ckyz., Edmondtan123, Kaluci-, 510w, HellhoundXVI, kurofan-..-, PagibigKongTapat, m00nieian, race2r, password1, jepppe, dzepsy, batskcab, Metztli, ne0lith, etojeaway, Vilmar, enlight, bOne7, ankianka, jaskier, JOHNed_, Rossin, nikew, 830.xy, llllsllll, issy.mate, vken, pmszy, AnubiA.DemoniC, manofgame, jetsutter, Disclosure, donghae, KillYouBitch, SlitCrawler, apmat4, phourier, red49, Megabyte-_-ME, uk_fiend, DaveOshiCZ, onenine, fatz18angel, bubloo, Macoule, xblitz23, ropedy, Courtesyfart, simplyevert, darkcrowly, Tano, gyzack, ParvusM, juji

Three additional winners will be announced as key winners due to multiple account abuse in the contest. GosuGamers earn the right to deny winners keys if multiple account abuse is suspected.

Winners will have their Dota 2 beta key in their private message inbox within the next few days.