Na`Vi are one match away from $1,000,000

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 03 September 2012 00:51

Na`Vi takes down the third Chinese powerhouse in The International to book a slot in the Grand Finals of the $1,600,000 tournament. LGD falls to the consolation finals where they will face up against iG.

The game was set up to be an epic affair with heroes Dragon Knight and Keeper of the Light entering the pool. Naga Siren paid off incredibly well for LGD in the early game, with Ensnare netting the team crucial kills on Anti Mage (as he was unable to blink while netted). Dark Seer had an early Mekansm as well and gave LGD three towers by 14 minutes.

Na`Vi showed a glimmer of hope in the mid game, fighting back with poor initiation from LGD and the original 7,000 gold advantage by LGD brought down to nothing. Na`Vi were moving across the map as five and catching out heroes such as Dragon Knight and Naga Siren.

However, the turning point of the game came at 27 minutes at Na`Vi's bot tier 2 tower, where an amazing fight by LGD forced two buybacks and a team wipe of Na`Vi and LGD deciding to push for middle barracks at 30 minutes. The Chinese powerhouse took a back to back team fight and with middle barracks gone, Puppey called the GG and gave the first game to LGD.

The lanes made it for Na`Vi with the Ukrainian powerhouse able to pull ahead in terms of gold and experience despite Naga Siren being left to her own devices at bot lane. Clever play allowed LGD to out maneuver Na`Vi for a short period of time with smoke ganks doing the trick for LGD this game.

Both teams were extremely careful until the 22 min with the score being 2-8 in LGD's favor. Na`Vi bounced back immediately in subsequent teamfights. Even though Naga Siren was able to steal the first Aegis with her Ultimate, Na`Vi claimed top barracks and waited for the second Aegis before making a calculated siege into LGD's base. With a close to 30,000 gold lead, LGD called the GG as the second barracks fell.

The early game started out with Xiao8's Dark Seer pressured hard on the top lane while most of the early game went smooth for both teams. Dendi's Rubick pulled off an epic three-Ultimate steal, stealing Song of the Siren, Sonic Wave and then Ravage to get Na`Vi ahead in the kill board.

Faceless Void was slowly jumping ahead in farm in it soon became a game which was Na`Vi's to lose. Tidehunter was never able to prevent Rubick from stealing Ravage and this slowly gave Na`Vi a bigger and bigger lead in the game. The score was 14-17 at 35 minutes.

With a calculated Roshan attempt and the Aegis on Faceless Void, LGD could no longer stop Faceless Void from dominating the team and by 50 minutes, LGD had to call the GG.

Final standings The International 2012:
1. Other ($1,000,000)
2. Other ($250,000)
3. Other iG/LGD ($150,000)
4. China DK ($80,000)
5. Singapore Zenith ($35,000)
5. China EHOME ($35,000)
7. China TongFu ($25,000)
7. Malaysia Orange ($25,000)
9. Sweden CLG
9. United States compLexity
9. United States Team EG
9. Ukraine Darer
13. Europe mTw
13. Germany mousesports
13. Russia Moscow 5
13. Australia absolute Legends

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