The International Hero Statistics after Saturday

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 02 September 2012 18:04

Tidehunter has taken over in being the most picked hero in The International 2012 playoffs. Lycanthrope is being the most banned hero as Naga Siren gets through more often.

Get the new hero statistics from The International 2012 from Dota Academy: Naga Siren is no longer the most banned hero and Venomancer is no longer the most picked hero as the event of the year goes into the playoffs.

Most picked heroes (max. 28)
tidehunter Tidehunter20
leshrac Leshrac19
morphling Morphling19
venomancer Venomancer16
invoker Invoker15
rubick Rubick13
chen Chen11
enigma Enigma11
shadow shaman Shadow Shaman10
anti mage Anti-Mage9

Tidehunter has become the most picked hero with 20 picks out of 28 games, overtaking Venomancer in popularity. Morphling, maybe the most hated hero in Seattle, is just falling one pick behind, being at 19 picks so far, on par with Leshrac.

Most banned heroes (max. 28)
lycanthrope Lycanthrope25
dark seer Dark Seer22
naga Naga Siren22
natures prophet Nature's Prophet20
chen Chen17
rubick Rubick15
invoker Invoker12
lone druid Lone Druid11
tinker Tinker11
broodmother Broodmother10
enchantress Enchantress10

As Naga Siren is getting through the banning phase more often in the playoff matches, Lycanthrope has taken over in being the most banned hero. Invoker and Rubick are heroes to be picked and banned about the same amount of times.

Most/least successful heroes (28 matches)
rubick Rubick10-3+7
morphling Morphling13-6+7
anti mage Anti-Mage7-2+5
ancient apparition Ancient Apparition4-0+4
chaos knight Chaos Knight6-2+4
shadow shaman Shadow Shaman7-3+4
chen Chen4-7-3
lone druid Lone Druid2-5-3
sandking Sand King1-4-3
luna Luna1-4-3
venomancer Venomancer6-10-4
shadow demon Shadow Demon1-5-4
tinker Tinker0-4-4

Rubick top, Tinker flop would be my headline for these stats. Rubick has worked out even better in concern to winning percentage than Morphling, especially considering Rubick has been banned in all other 15 games where he wasn't picked. Tinker hasn't worked out for any team so far. And the "Anti-Morphling" Luna wasn't very successful either.

However, it's the final day of The International. Statistics are interesting, but they don't win the important games. Today, the Juggernauts and Death Prophets might count. It might count that teams are banning Pudge against Na'Vi, we might even see Morphling get banned more often, or see more Naga Siren Dark Seer combos allowed. It's grand final day in Seattle! It's Dota 2 time. Let's hope for some great games in Benaroya Hall.

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