EHOME defeats Orange's Morphling with Tiny

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 02 September 2012 05:14

Malaysia's powerhouse Orange finishes The International in seventh position. Lower bracket round 3 against EHOME is final destination, as Tiny seems to be the solution to at least Mushi's Morphling.

EHOME going Darer style? Tiny and Wisp making this game special. Thinking about the lower bracket being best-of-one at this moment, this kind of playstyle is ballsy in any case.

Going into the top 8, the losing team of the matches from now on do not go home without a reward anymore. But we also see a large number of Asian teams clashing , meaning the equation Asian team plus Morphling equals win might end soon. It's the question if EHOME knows how to counter Morphling.

600 creep kills Tiny outfarming Morphling

If you have a Tiny that is able to actually outfarm Morphling, this looks to be case. This really was Lanm's match, enabling EHOME to come back from being one barracks behind. Tiny eventually had 1,100 damage critical hits with area of effect on top of it.

Final standings The International 2012:
1. Other
2. Other
3. Other
4. Other
5. Other
5. Other
7. Other
7. Malaysia Orange
9. Sweden CLG
9. United States compLexity
9. United States Team EG
9. Ukraine Darer
13. Europe mTw
13. Germany mousesports
13. Russia Moscow 5
13. Australia absolute Legends

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