PREVIEW: Na'vi and iG's possible drafts later on in the finals

Posted by Hamodi ".mOwdi." Aboukowik at 03 September 2012 04:11

After days of nonstop-action packed matches we are now down to the final two teams who will battle it out in a best of five series for the million dollars and for the prestigious TI2 crown.

We have the defending champs Ukraine Na'Vi and China iG who will lock horns later on in the grand finals in a best of five series to determine this year's champion.

Here we have the possible drafts of both teams based on their drafting during their first games of the tournament.

First we will be looking at Natus Vincere's possible drafts for the best of five finals.

Ukraine Natus Vincere

leshrac Leshrac92+7
dark seer Darkseer50+5
anti mage Antimage71+6
venomancer Venomancer41+3
enigma Enigma42+2
chen Chen41+3

With leshrac having the ability to stun, nuke and take down towers he is an easy pick for Na'Vi, a very flexible hero he can be a support or a semi-carry. Darkseer another hot pick, iG and Na'Vi would not hesitate to pick him once he is open in the pool. With antimage being undefeated so far for them except for that 1 loss against LGD they could try to pick him in a game or two. Venomancer, enigma and chen, there could be any more better picks with them. Venomancer in that support role maxing out those wards early is the best way to do it, enigma can be the solo laner or can camp in neuts to farm that early dagger ,mek, or bkb and lastly the chen with he's army of annoyance plus he's ulti that is very importance in team clashes.

HeroTimes banned
invoker Invoker13
rubick Rubick8
enchantress Enchantress7
morphling Morphling8
natures prophet Nature's Prophet6
naga siren Naga Siren6

They probably would keep rubick and enchantress for them to use it if iG does not ban then. Morphling one of the most feared hitter in dota there's no other reason for Na'Vi to not to ban him. Furion, with he's ability to be in the map wherever and whenever he want's and lastly naga siren, her ulti is one of the best spell in the game and if used properly can be a pain in the arse for the opposing team.

And for Invictus Gaming possible drafts.

China Invictus Gaming

rubick Rubick90+9
enchantress Enchantress81+7
venomancer Venomancer62+4
tidehunter Tidehunter62+4
leshrac Leshrac62+4

With rubick definitely outweighing any other hero at the moment any team would love to pick him as long as he is still open in the pool. With them not bothering to ban chen, they can counter him with their enchantress which can be a really pain in the arse for the chen users. Venomancer, lone druid, tidehunter and leshrac taking part in the hot picks this TI2 they already speak for themselves.

HeroTimes banned
lycanthrope Lycanthrope24
broodmother Broodmother11
leshrac Leshrac10
naga siren naga siren14
dark seer Darkseer10
bounty hunter Bounty Hunter5

With iG banning lycanthrope in almost all of their games just proves that they don't want any business with him no matter who they face. Broodmother, another pesky hero to lane with, with her web giving her the ability to become invisible plus those spiderlings could be unstoppable if you don't have any AoE spells to clear them. Banning naga siren and darkseer, two of the best setters in the game could really turn into a team wipe with proper use and other use of AoE spells.

This picks may be drafted in a game or two but expect more from the finalists. Expect more strats, more unusual picks from them, every team has a trick up their sleaves. These are pro teams, every pick has a purpose and every pick is wisely decided by the whole team. But as we all know this is the grand finals, one wrong desicion may ruin their chances or worst, completely lose their chances and waste all of their hard work.

This has been an action packed tournament, the games have been phenomenal and the teams have brought their A+ game. Goodluck to Na'Vi and iG, these guys already has proven themselves but at the end of the day there will always be a better team and become this year's champion.

Can iG have their revenge on Na'Vi or will Na'Vi defend their title and become champs once again. We will soon find out. May the best team win!

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