VIDEO: Yamateh and Mushi Interviewed

Posted by Kshitij "KrocK" Kothari at 30 August 2012 15:18

In a video interview before leaving for Seattle, Mushi mentions the uncertainties regarding his professional gaming career and admits his shortcomings as a captain. Yamateh, on the other hand, asserts how important it is to enjoy the game and gives insight into his most memorable moment with respect to the game.

'Mushi' Chai Yee Fung

In the interview, Mushi concedes the fact that he has been struggling on the personal front of his life and that has caused his performance to drop in the past.

He also expresses his doubt over the future of Orange's current team but reassures that If he was to continue playing, It would only be for Orange.Esports and that his team mate, Xtinct, would stick with him.

He also states that, given the choice to have dinner with Icefrog or Taylor Swift, He would choose Icefrog, since Dota has enriched his life more than anything else.

'Yamateh' Ng Wei Poong

Yamateh admits that The International 2 was the sole reason he chose to become a part of Orange and still harbors a desire to create his own team even though it is extremely difficult.

While sharing his most memorable experience of the game, he recounts his experience while playing 1v1 Shadow Fiend against Yaphets in 2010.
It was then, that he realized the sheer amount of stress that the game brought to his life. He also stresses on the fact that enjoying the game is the most important thing to him.

Yamateh also admits that the fickle-minded nature of the fans is indeed cruel and has, in the past, upset him.

Both Mushi and Yamateh have undoubtedly been the Most Valuable Players for their team and believe that the future of Orange's current team depends on the level of their success at The International 2.

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