Mousesports at The International

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 26 August 2012 04:50

What a ride, what a ride. Mousesports, giants of Europe, remain uninvited and unqualified for the biggest event of the year. Until now.

They grabbed second place at StarSeries #2, they ended shared 3rd at Dreamhack Summer 2012, they have numerous achievements in online tournaments. And now, finally, will they be able to compete at The International.

They haven't bootcamped, they are at the event with a stand-in, but the lucky door revealed itself when MUFC's slot was opened up. The two reserve teams, mousesports and World Elite turned to face each other in a best-of-five. Eyes on the prize. And mouz showed the more convincing play in all the games, taking it 3-0 in the end. A combination of tight play by mouz and sloppy co-ordination by WE sealed the deal.

In the second game, WE went for some more unconvential picks, such as a ganking Wisp combined with Dark Seer. It payed off, to some extent. But they got picked off a lot and in the end it mostly seemed like an interesting strategy which didn't work out. Mouz had too many stuns on their hands. The third game featured KuroKy's Pudge (he is their stand-in for this event) and combined with signature heroes such as 1437's Dark Seer, SingSing's Rubick and Black's Clinkz, mouz outplayed World Elite.

Tomorrow the group stage begins and then it's truly time to show who's a man and who's a, well, a mouse.

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