Furryfish*: 'I think Europe's advantage ended with TI1'

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 21 August 2012 16:01

Team Zenith's manager Tammy 'Furryfish*' Tang says, Loda has well-adjusted to his Singaporean team.

According to Tammy 'Furryfish*' Tang, Zenith's player Loda has "gone from being quiet to well-adjusted and very vocal". In preparation for The International tournament in Seattle, she sat down with Fragster to talk about her DotA past, with playing in the well-known female-team PMS*, as well as her time now as the team manager of Zenith.

Do you know how well Loda integrated into the team? Are there any issues because of the language barrier?

For a while they were trying to figure out certain things he says. For example, he pronounces jump as "yump" and gem as "gam", which is actually an acronym for "gay asian male". So imagine him saying "I'm buying a gam!" He's gone from being quiet to well-adjusted and very vocal, both about ingame issues and team issues.

Zenith is considered one of the best teams in Asia and is considered one of the favorites at The International 2. Do the players feel the pressure?

Furryfish*: If they're feeling any pressure, they're not showing it! I think the guys thrive on competition and pressure and that without it, they wouldn't even be bothering to play quite so hard. And obviously, they have lots of fun doing unexpected things like going no bans and picking the strangest heroes and combinations.

How is the atmosphere in Zenith's house in general? How does the team prepare for The International 2?

Furryfish*: The best thing about Zenith is that they REALLY have fun with the game. The unexpected things they do never cease to amuse me and the best part is, they usually manage to pull it off. So the atmosphere is generally lighthearted and the team is usually laughing (xy), talking at top speed (hyhy), or trolling (ice).

Zenith has been playing against Chinese teams quite often as training, and their match schedule is very tight. At any time, they're participating in at least two online competitions. (Ed.: The interview was conducted before Zenith dropped out of ProDota 2 and the BTS World Tour.) I think right now they're mostly testing out things and working on their teamwork.


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