Wolves take out mTw in WCG SEE

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 17 August 2012 19:49
World Cyber Games Samsung European Encounter have just finished the first day. On top so far are We haz Asian aswell as Copenhagen Wolves, both teams now ensured a share of the prize pool.

Somewhat surprising, Wolves managed to take out mTw in the Winner Bracket semi final, but unfortunately the match was not streamed. Wolves are matched up against WhA tomorrow in the WB-final. Speaking of surprise, WhA themselves were quite surprised when they noticed they won their game vs Infused. Infused's ancient was destroyed by a large amount of raging creeps while they were far down the enemy lines being busy tearing WhA's ancient down. But they weren't quick enough to realize they were losing the game, so nobody managed to teleport and defend in time. Infused's captain Wagamama was just laughing after the game, saying the game was so intense nobody noticed what was going on in their base. Infused and mTw join in with Maggie's Farm, uebelst, SGC and eEriness in the Loser Bracket.

Game #MatchesWhen
LB g1
Czech Republic eErinessvs.Slovakia SGC 10:00 CEST
LB g2
Germany uebelst vs.Germany MF 11:00 CEST
LB g3
Other LB g1 winnervs.Europe mTw12:30 CEST
LB g4
Other LB g2 winnervs.Sweden Infused13:30 CEST
WB final
Germany WhAvs.Denmark Wolves15:00 CEST
LB g5
Other LB g3 winnervs.Other LB g4 winner17:30 CEST

Loser bracket final aswell as the best-of-three grand final will be played on Sunday. Check the GosuGamers Coverage Hub for information such as brackets and stream.

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