Introducing the Dota Daily

Posted by Adam "KillerSOS" Melrose at 17 August 2012 02:32

WhatIsHip, one of the casters here at GosuGamers, is spearheading a new Dota Daily streamed on and supported by some of the members on GG staff. The premiere episode will be tomorrow, August 17, at 3pm EST (21 CET).

The Dota Daily will focus on a different subject every day to attempt to appeal to anyone and everyone. The Daily will be split into a couple of segments covering differing subject matter, with a total run-time in the hour and a half range. A large focus will be placed on answering questions posed by the viewers to help them become better Dota 2 players.

Episode one will be focused at new players and players making the switch from Dota to Dota 2.

Episode 1:

What is Dota? A History and Overview of the game as a whole
Pros and Cons of Legacy key bindings and related questions
The beginners guide to your first match of Dota 2

Feel free to tune in to the Dota Daily and provide feedback as the project moves forward.