Fluff: "A DotA team requires a huge amount of dedication and collaboration"

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 18 August 2012 15:34

Also known as the Defense season two winners, complexity gaming has already rallied up their gears and embarked on their bootcamping journey in preparation for the grandest tournament of them all, the International. The team took a few minutes to talk about their progress in bootcamp, The International and few more interesting topics.

Gameclucks LAN center in Lynnwood, Washington has been similar to a second home for complexity gaming as they have been spending their mornings and evenings practicing hard for the million dollar tournament. For a change in surrounding, team captian, Brian "FLUFFNSTUFF" Lee along with his fellow team-mates, Tyler "TC" Cook, and Michael "ixmike88" Ghannam conduct a sit-down interview with complexity gaming.

Complexity Gaming's development from bootcamping in Seattle

The interview dives in with thoughts about their progress in bootcamp. Overall, the team players agreed that bootcamp is going well for them so far, even with TC adding that they had a slow week right before they traveled to Seattle. The team captain, Brian Lee sums up the bootcamp development in his words:

"Our team has been practicing long and hard hours to improve our gameplay and strategy. Moving into the bootcamp we have been able to continue with our methods, while adding in more routines that we couldn’t do online. . . We started bootcamping on August 9th, and in that amount of time, we feel like we’ll be able to prepare without any limitations.


Thoughts on The International being the first major LAN event for coL

Particularly for this topic, the three players seemed to have a different response. FLUFFNSTUFF said that he's not very worried, and he'll just play their game and prepare themselves as the best of shape. However, the pressure of the huge pool has said to have got to TC, but TC added that being an underdog does relive the pressure. In addition, ixmike88 stated that the fact of TI2 being the first major LAN event for them is something he'll keep on the back of their minds.

The team's contemplation on a quick growing metagame

Furthermore, the interview carried on with the players' reflection on the style of DOTA2 being an evolving metagame that has updates on a week to week basis, and bring back the established heroes slowly. FLUFFNSTUFF was the first to speak, and stated that this process of metagame gives the professional teams a chance to analyze and observe the heroes that might have been neglected in the original DOTA. TC, on the other hand, added that the updates keep the game fresh, and brings challenges to teams come up with new ways to deal with heroes. Meanwhile, ixmike compiled his reflection, and said the following:

"I like this style a lot, it doesn't allow the game to get stale and always keeps you thinking about how to use and counter the newest heroes. At the same time, it can be very frustrating losing a lot of games to something you haven't figured out how to deal with yet."

- Michael "ixmike88" Ghannam

What's necessary for a growth in the North American DOTA2 scene

"Patience is key for a long-term success" said FLUFFNSTUFF. He said that the fact that teams disband or recruit members at the slightest hint of distress is what disturbs the growth. Meanwhile, TC and ixMike88 both collectively claimed that an increase in North American tournaments, and support from major tournaments will bring the North American DOTA2 scene to a great position.

What is it that makes a DotA team truly remarkable?

A fairly aberrant question that the players were able to answer passionately. "A DotA team requires a huge amount of dedication and collaboration" is what the support player, FLUFFNSTUFF answered. Moreover, he said that stability is key for a DOTA2 scene. Additionally, the second support player, ixmike88 claimed that the key to a remarkable DOTA2 team is the lack of egos. Likewise, TC deduced the similar points as ixMike88:

"What's really impressive is when a team is able to analyze their own mistakes in a game properly. Not just blaming a loss on random things, but really looking at how to improve. All teams have their high points and low points, but the best are able to bounce back quickly after a slump."

- Tyler "TC" Cook

The players also talked about the advantages of offline practice, their thoughts on ESWC conflicting with the time schedule of The International and few more. You can take a closer look at the full interview at the link below.

Source: Interview with Complexity Gaming