7ckngMad: 'We deserve to be at The International'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 16 August 2012 19:22

After beating Na`Vi in tournament finals - both online and offline - mTw is definitely a team people have their eyes on. Sébastien '7ckngMad' Debs shares of his experiences of this team and its dynamics.

In April this year three players from Western Wolves joined in with syndereN in mTw, also picking up Kebap along the lines. After some time they proved themselves to the world, mostly by winning Dreamhack but then continued to pick up victories in GosuLeague aswell as The Premier League Masters.

We caught 7ckngMad during mTw's day off at their bootcamp in Germany, and just two days before the WCG SEE event is kicking off.

An excerpt of our interview with FckinMad, August 16, 2012

Maybe the same thing will happen at The International. Which teams do you find most scary, attending this event?

-“Hmm that’s a difficult question. Honestly every team plays at a decent level, there are no underdogs, or maybe aL but that's only because we never scrimmed vs them, or saw them playing online. Many teams are overrated. I'm not scared of any team, if we play at our best level I dont see any team causing us problems. The scariest teams, generally speaking, to answer your question, would be Na`Vi because I don't think they aim for something else than top 1, and maybe EHOME because I've been impressed by their team coordination.
The LAN pressure will also be a huge factor, people underestimate it.”

Sidenote; EHOME just lost 2-0 to DK.

-“Yes I saw the games, what they show online is very different from what they did versus us in practice, that's not their real strength.”


Without giving any secret strategies away, do you feel like there's any hero right now that teams usually rate too high or too low?

-“Since you said the two most used words at the moment in the Dota 2 scene, 'secret strategies', I just want to say how funny I find this trend. Many teams are bluffing, and acting like they are preparing super-secret strategies. That's a joke, because, in nine cases out of ten, those teams can't even play correctly/well with the strategies they use normally. I don’t think there will be secret strategies, and if some teams use some, then it will be for one game out of ten, and it's very unlikely they execute it properly. Only the strongest teams there will use unusual playstyles if they need to. We have some prepared, but I'm almost sure we won't need them.

About the heroes that are used, well it's always the same thing with the scene. The dominating team has its own playstyle, and the others copy. When Na`Vi were dominating the scene without any problems, Chen was top1 pick/ban, nobody questioned it. After our win at DreamHack, Sylla and Tinker became top picks. People just copy, that's human, we’ve copied before we reached this level of play as well. But the 'metagame' changes fast. For instance, during the week we had off, it changed. When I came back I took some time to check the biggest matches and the drafts, and it changed totally. Took us two days, and few scrims to change it again. Only few teams stick to their playstyle. That's the only reason POTM BOTTOM had such a good run, they don’t draft randomly, and they know what they're doing. Overall I almost always disagree with the drafts I see on streams. The best drafters I’ve seen up to this point, except for the Na`Vi Squad, were miGGel for Quantic, and Pajkatt for CLG. There are the drafters I respect the most in the scene."