Mag: 'I have been following the Chinese scene for awhile now'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 16 August 2012 17:20

'All teams will be strong and prepared. I think all teams will be able to defeat one another,' proclaimed Darer's Mag in an interview with in the midst of their preparations for The International. Among the topics discussed were his experience at the StarLadder and DreamHack LAN finals, as well as the relationships between some of his teammates.

Andrew 'Mag' Chipenko admitted that it could be anyone's game right now, and in the European region at least, CLG and Na`Vi were going to be Darer's toughest opponents, and hardly anyone would disagree that the TI'11 champions were not going to give up without a fight this year.

"Their players have great individual skills, they've played together for a long time, they have a stable organization and they have a talented manager. These are their main success factors," replied Mag about their fellow Ukrainian powerhouse.

And what about PGG's Moscow Five?

"I think he may do well - against the Chinese," Mag said with a smirk, perhaps acknowledging the Russian team's recent dip in form.

When the topic was brought over to the Asian scene, Mag revealed that he had been doing some homework of his own. 'I even know most of the players by their names. I have been following the Chinese scene for a while now, and I can distinguish between LGD and iG.'

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