StarLadder season 3 incoming

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 16 August 2012 16:17
StarLadder is back with a third season! Similiar to last time it starts off with a season where a few teams qualify for the offline finals in Kiev.

Unlike last time however, where six teams were supposed to attend the offline finals for a round robin into bracket system, there'll four teams starting it out right away in double elimination brackets. The tournament system is in other words as it was in the first season. But before any of that, 16 teams will play 15 playdays and climb the rankings.

Teams participating
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Russia Moscow5
Russia zNation
Russia Empire
Kazakhstan NEXT
Ukraine Darer
Europe FnaticRC
Sweden H2k (ex-Keita)
Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Europe mTw
Slovakia/Czech Republic Storm Games Clan
Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
Germany mouz
Australia Absolute Legends
United States Evil Geniuses

1 place – $6000
2 place – $3000
3 place – $2500
4 place – $2000
5 place – $500
6 place – $400
7 place – $350
8 place – $250

The question remains; will this be the rise of a new Star Series champion or will Natus Vincere be able to claim the title third time in a row? Stay tuned, first match is intended to kick off September 12.

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