Na`Vi wins joinDOTA Masters

Posted by Adam "KillerSOS" Melrose at 14 August 2012 23:12
Na`vi continues to show the Dota 2 world why they are one of the favorites going into The International with a convincing 2 - 0 win over fellow attendee Evil Geniuses and claiming the €1000 first place prize.

Na`vi manages to secure a online tournament victory with around two weeks to go before The International, a morale boost to say the least. Na`Vi managed to look strong throughout the small eight team invitational with decisive wins in every game. They defeated Infs and Darer on their way to a victory over EG.

Masters Game One
Ukraine Na`ViUnited States Evil Geniuses
lycanthrope Puppey
lone druid XBOCT
leshrac Dendi
shadow demon ARS-ART
beastmaster LightofHeaven
chen Maelk
venomancer Universe
tidehunter Demon
brewmaster Bulba
death prophet Fear

Overall there wasn't much exciting going on in the first game. Na`vi put on a showcase of exactly how to play Lycanthrope by convincingly winning all three of the lanes while protecting the jungle. They then proceeded to gain total map control and choked the life out of EG, in part due to the innovative blink dagger build on Dendi's Leshrac. With a massive gold and experience lead they broke the base for an easy win.

Masters Game Two
Ukraine Na`ViUnited States Evil Geniuses
enigma Puppey
lone druid XBOCT
invoker Dendi
lich ARS-ART
broodmother LightofHeaven
chen Maelk
crystal maiden Universe
natures prophet Demon
sandking Bulba
morphling Fear

This was a far more entertaining match than the easily controlled victory of game one. Both teams ended up running duo mid lane, Crystal Maiden and Morphling on EG with Lich and Invoker for Na`Vi. Early game went about even for both teams, although Sand King struggled against Broodmother in a solo lane usually considered in Sand King's favor. EG had the early kill lead, although Na`Vi still managed to hold onto a gold and experience lead due to the massive movements by EG, basically allowing XBOCT free farm. Dendi decided to go Hand of Midas on Invoker to catch up on the lost levels due to being forced to duo middle lane.

With an extreamly farmed Lone Druid Na`Vi proceeded to push all of the outer towers by the 25 minute mark. Fear on Morphling, while having a good game in his own rights, was unable to kill Na`Vi players fast enough to break the push. After a couple successful Roshan kills Na`Vi mange to close out the series and take home first place.