Fluff: 'Our heads were always in the long-term'

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 14 August 2012 19:21
In a lengthy but fascinating interview with ESFI World, Complexity's DotA2 team discussed the reasons behind their ongoing success.
Tony 'HANNAH_MONTANA' Talavera and Brian 'FLUFFNSTUFF' Lee spoke to ESFI World recently in a pretty insightful and revealing interview. After the usual formalities, they dived straight into the good stuff, with Fluff explaining how his team has stayed so consistent and stable. "I decided to create a mission statement for the team (individual and collective)," he said. "I also made it very clear what our goals would be and what we needed to do to achieve them." Speaking at length, he went on to describe why he thinks so many teams disband and repeatedly change rosters:

- "The honeymoon phase can often become addictive. That is why, I believe teams constantly disband and reform constantly. They want to relive this sensation because it's much easier to blame others rather than to face any sort of pain. People will say things like "If we replace x player for y player, then we'll have everything we want"."

Clearly, this is a team that takes esports very seriously. "I just decided to put all of my efforts into it, so that I don't go on in life with regrets," said Fluff. HANNAH_MONTANNA agreed, adding "we put in a lot of time and effort into making this team work and we all put things on hold." Bootcamping has been an important part of the team's regime, but Fluff admits that it's hard to tell if is paying off yet. "I feel that we are just reaping what we sowed prior to bootcamp," he said. "I feel that we can improve much more in the next couple of weeks, as we will have a much lighter tournament schedule."

Be sure to check out the whole of this intriguing interview below:

ESFI World - Source