Gamescom: The district of an action packed onslaught

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 14 August 2012 18:59

The birthplace of the first ever International, Gamescom will showcase four days of epic DOTA2 confrontations between some of the finest teams in Europe. First and foremost is World Cyber Games Germany on the 16th of August followed by the WCG Samsung European Encounter at the 17th to the 19th of August.

Gamescom has been home to what could possibly have been the biggest and greatest DOTA2 tournament at that time. Currently, they are looking to repeat their success, by representing the World Cyber Games for the respective country, Germany. WCG Germany will open the doors for three German teams to enter the final three spots at the Samsung European Encounter. Furthermore, the champions of WCG Germany will acquire a ticket straight to the WCG Finals in China.

The monumental Samsung European Encounter will feature eight European teams battling it out for the coveted award. The winners of the Samsung European Encounter will receive a cash prize of €3000 while the runners ups will get €2000, €1000 respectively.

Below is an overview of the action that is going to be witnessed at Colgone, Germany from the 17th-19th

Day 1 - Thursday: WCG Germany Semi-Finals and Finals

Uebelst, Gillette, MF, and WHA are the final four teams competing at WCG Germany. These teams will contend against one another in a Best of Three series, with the exception of the third place play-offs which will be a single game contest. As already mentioned, only the top three teams at this tournament are eligible for WCG SEE. The semi-finals as well as the finals will take place on the 16th of August.

Semi-Final Round
Germany Uebelstvs.Germany Gillete10:30 CEST
Germany MF vs.Germany WhA12:30 CEST

Final Round
3rd Place Decider16:00 CEST

These times are of course subject to change, depending on how long previous games last, so bear that in mind. There will be no overlapping game.

Day 2 - Friday: The Inception of Samsung European Encounter

The Samsung European Encounter is going to be contested in a double elimination bracket format between eight teams. Four matches are going to decide the fate of which teams are going to the upper bracket, and which team will have to endure demotion to the lower bracket while two matches will occur for the upper bracket semi-finals.

The teams that are competing are: Infused, mTw, Wolves, SCG and eEriness (Winners of WCG Czech Republic), and the top three teams from WCG Germany.

The tournament will kick-off with the quarter-finals deciding which teams will enter the upper bracket, and the lower bracket, and the day will culminate with the upper-bracket semifinals. The four winners of these games will be playing in the upper bracket semi finals on the same day.

Game #MatchesWhen
Game 1
Sweden Infusedvs.Slovakia eEriness11:00 CEST
Game 2
Germany 2nd WCG Germanyvs.Czech Republic SGC12:15 CEST
Game 3
Germany 1st WCG Germanyvs.Denmark Wolves13:30 CEST
Game 4
Germany 3rd WCG Germanyvs.France mTw14:45 CEST
Game 5
Other G1 Winnervs.Other G2 Winner16:00 CEST
Game 6
Other G3 Winnervs.Other G4 Winner17:30 CEST

Day 3 - Saturday - Halfway through the momentous encounter

The second day of SEE will initiate with the battle between the losers of the quarter-finals in the lower brackets. The first four games will all be the challenges of the lower bracket round. Round 1 and Round 2 will of the lower bracket will culminate first, and will proceed to the remaining games. It's likely that the games are going to be a best out of three series, but at the moment the amount of games is irresolute. As soon as we have more information, it will be directly passed on. Game 11 and 12 will be the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket finals respectively, the winner of Game 11 will slide away through the Grand Finals, while Game 13 will be the determining match for the final spot at the Finals between the Loser brackets winner and the Winner brackets runner-up.

LB Round 1&2
Game #MatchesWhen
Game 7
Other G1 Loservs. Other G2 Loser10:00 CEST
Game 8
Other G3 Loservs. Other G4 Loser11:15 CEST
Game 9
Other G5 Loservs. Other G7 Winner12:30 CEST
Game 10
Other G6 Loservs. Other G8 Winner13:45 CEST

WB & LB Finals
Game #MatchesWhen
Game 11
Other G5 Winnervs. Other G6 WinnerTBA
Game 12
Other G9 Winnervs. Other G10 WinnerTBA
Game 13
Other G11 Losevs. Other G12 WinnerTBA

Day 4 - Sunday - Conclusion of SEE: The Grand Finals!

SEE will wrap up on Sunday, with one very critical match: the grand finals! This epic and vital match will be a best of out three series, and will officially conclude the last major European tournament before this year's The International.

Subsequently, the grand final will be followed by the winners ceremony which will be held in 16:00 CEST. DOTA2 is the last game to have their finals, right after FIFA12 and SC2.

Grand Finals
Other G11 Winnervs. Other G13 Winner13:00 CEST

All games will be live casted by Christian “Epi” Czech from The stream for the Grand Finals will be running at SEE 2012 stream, while the stream for the winners brackets and the losers brackets playoff will be casted by Draskyl on: NeoDota

Source: WCG Europe, WCG SEE