Iceiceice: 'I think I play well and better in boxers'

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 13 August 2012 19:59
Razer has wrapped up their Road to the International interviews, and they saved the superior leader of Team Zenith for last: Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang. The Zenith play maker was not afraid to speak his mind in the interview, as he confidently stated that Team Zenith is the best team in the world, and teased playing another game without Zenith picking any bans at The International.

Iceiceice gave his picks of the players he would choose if he could make his own dream team

"So I would pick, Dendi, xy-, 820, and I don't really care about the last one, anyone that could play a good engager I guess like Enigma, Sand King, Earthshaker. . . Maybe Chuan because you always need a fat guy on the team."

He also opens up on his training with Invoker, whether he does any special training with Invoker

"I just play a lot of Invoker. . . I have played like 150 games of Invoker for fun, because it's a fun hero. I don't really do any special training, I tried to do the one I saw Dendi doing, repetitive spell casting and found it pretty retarded."

The interviewer also asked: Who plays the better Invoker? You or Dendi?

"I don't know, probably him, maybe me, depending on the game I think. . . Wait, I will just say me, I am the better Invoker, I am the best."

Iceiceice also clarified his pre-match routine, and suggested a witty attire for himself at TI2

"I would normally go to the toilet before the game. I will make sure I wash my hands, just to make sure they are not clammy, and I will just wash my face and arms somehow. . . and I would love to play in boxers, I am probably going to play in boxers at TI2 even if it's a stage game. I think I play well and better with boxers." said iceiceice.

According to iceiceice, The worst on team attending the International is:

"Definitely Absolute Legends (AL), because they only reason they're invited is because they did well before any other teams got serious about playing DotA 2, and they were playing with delay. They are just good at delay games, and they are very good against Europeans or Americans. But you saw what happened in Dreamhack. . . they just lost. They are teams with lots of teamwork, but no individual skills I guess."

Furthermore, he declared xMusica as the best player in Australia, and advocated Muffinman as the second, despite his rational thoughts about Muffinman:

"Australia's best player is Musica right, and he's Singaporean. So, like the best player in Australia is Singaporean, and their second best player. . . was it Muffinman? I don't know but he is a very horrible player, not a horrible person, but a horrible player. I played him once and I thought he was a low skilled scrub I guess, not to be mean, but I'm just answering the question seriously."

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