Winter: 'We are slowly picking up the pieces'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2012 21:30

Orange's captain and long standing professional player Winter runs us through a day with his team at bootcamp, his opinions on the Chinese and European teams, as well as his expectations for Orange at this year's The International. 'The International 2, here we come!' said Winter.

An excerpt of our interview with Winter, August 11, 2012

Yeah, your team’s performance online hasn’t been too spectacular. Any thoughts on what happened in those games (vs mouz, iG, CLG, etc)?
-We just played badly - everyone lost sense of what was important during the matches and nothing was working. Our team chemistry wasn’t there, decisions made were bad, and basically, everything was bad. But since then, things have slowly been getting better day and day, and we hope to regain our form after we finish our bootcamp, and improve even more from there.

Were you guys playing from Orange LAN cafe? How were the connections in those games? Any lag?
-Yeah, we were. It’s around 230-250 ping for us playing on US West. There wasn’t any lag, just playable delay. We just didn’t play well.


Okay, if we leave Orange out of the picture, which teams do you think will finish top three at The International?
-It’s hard to predict since there are not many LAN events to judge from. Online tournament performance can be very subjective but I guess Na`Vi will still be the favorites in my opinion. iG, LGD, mTw and EG are in better shape at the moment as well - I’m not sure about Darer or pgg’s M5 but they usually do well on major LANs.

Well, the European teams seem to think the Chinese will do well this year. Do you agree?
-Yup, they always have a knack of coming out with superb performances during major LANs. We’ve already been to some a few times and we have seen how hard they train so never count out the Chinese teams. Their online performance won’t reflect much on how they will perform in Seattle.