The pinnacle of The Defense transpires tomorrow

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 11 August 2012 18:24
Anticipation is rising, energy is pumping, and the excitement is ascending for the Grand finals of The Defense. In less than 30 hours, one of either three teams will be able to call themselves The Defense champion. CLG, Mouseports, and COL are the contenders, but as always there is only one winner.

The upper brackets has reached it's peak, and it was the American team, complexity gaming coming out on top with a 2-1 victory over Counter Logic Gaming. As a result, Counter Logic Gaming has been demoted to the Lower brackets, and will have one final chance to finish what they started in a repeat match against mousesports. While coL is eagerly waiting for their opponents in the overall final.

United States Complexity Gaming vs Sweden Counter Logic Gaming - The Chronology (Upper Bracket Final)

Game One - The first game seemed like it would go to CLG's favor after a very early Ethereal blade pick-up on Morphling, and with Tidehunter helping out stacking Ancient creeps for the Tinker to march on, it seemed that coL was far behind. Nevertheless, the notorious Chaos Knight pick proved to work out incredibly well for Complexity Gaming as he was able to counter Morphling. The tide was starting to turn on to coL as they picked up Roshan, and an added bonus of a Morphling kill which proved to be the stepping stone to coL's victory after a successful grand push.

The Defense Game One
Sweden CLGUnited States coL
leshrac rubick dark seer
lycanthrope naga natures prophet
dragon knight lone druid
windrunner broodmother
invoker enchantress morphling
chen venomancer tidehunter
shadow shaman enigma
chaos tinker

Game Two - Similar to the first game, CLG had most of the momentum on their side early on. But what's different is that they never lost it in this game. After a 6th minute first blood, the game started progressing faster. CLG's Rubick was a key, as he stole important spells to help the teamfight go in their favor. With a massive push, CLG were able to conquer coL's barracks and the GG was called in 20 minutes.

The Defense Game Two
United States coLSweden CLG
chen leshrac natures prophet
naga lycanthrope dark seer
windrunner morphling
brewmaster anti mage
invoker tidehunter venomancer
rubick tinker enchantress
lone druid earthshaker
dragon knight shadow shaman

Game Three -Third game saw the dynamic of the carries in action. Unlike the first two games, coL had a good early advantage up their sleeves. Nevertheless, CLG were able to get the momentum back on their backs quickly. This is where the carries stepped up, Faceless Void stared to get big, and that threw CLG under a shaky road. And after several encounters, coL were able to push and have the EXP advantage in their favor. Complexity kept coming and coming and coming, and managed to destroy CLG'S barracks. CLG managed to turn around the teamfight in their favor, but with a swarm of huge creeps, every hope was lost, as the ancient was destroyed ending CLG's reign the Upper bracket.

The Defense Game Three
United States coLSweden CLG
tinker leshrac lycanthrope
naga dark seer rubick
anti mage windrunner
morphling juggernaut
natures prophet vengeful spirit beastmaster
invoker venomancer enchantress
faceless void lina
sandking broodmother

United States Evil Genius vs Germany Mousesports - Brief Compendium (Lower Bracket)

Game One - CLG'S current opponents, mousesports, had a well conceived effort that was met with a 2-1 victory over a strong cohesive, Evil Geniuses. The American favorites had an aggressive line-up in the first game and focused only on pushing. EG were able to take out the tier three tower of mouseports in just 11 minutes, and were quickly able to finish off Roshan soon after. In just 20 minutes, mouseports drew the flag and surrendered.

The Defense Game One
United States EGGermany mouz
leshrac broodmother rubick
naga tinker dark seer
death prophet shadow shaman
invoker storm spirit
lycanthrope chen venomancer
natures prophet lone druid enigma
brewmaster kotl
windrunner queen of pain

Game Two - Mousesports had determination to even up the score, with an aggressive Naga pick on their side. The Siren was paired up with the Keeper of the Light and Venomancer to give them a strong start which resulted in towers after towers up to 12 minute. Rubick and Naga were getting good farm, and had close to 9000 gold at 21 minutes. Six minutes after that the mouz ended it with a win on their side after the GG was called.

The Defense Game Two
Germany mouzUnited States EG
tinker enchantress lycanthrope
dark seer broodmother chen
tiny undying
enigma natures prophet
naga venomancer rubick
leshrac tidehunter disruptor
kotl lone druid
morphling lich

Game Three - This time, the trilane was forced upon mouz giving Anti-mage some trouble farming bot solo. A heavy push was created by EG as the bottom tier three towers fell short in under 7 minutes. However, the top three tier towers of EG also came down, making it a square off. At 20 minutes, EG had a slight lead in their kills, and then soon followed up with a Roshan kill. By that time, Naga Siren already had Radiance up on her, and it seemed like EG was going to clinch it. However, the sneaky Anti Mage was keeping up with the farm of Naga Siren. 30 minutes in, EG still had the lead in their kills, but the Anti Mage was getting bigger by the second. An interesting confronation occured at the 38th minute, when Mouz was trying to kill Roshan, but EG managed to steal the aegis with a huge price of the death of three EG heroes. 43 minutes in, Anti Mage was full equipped, and had enormous gold in his pocket. The final push came from mouz in 53 minutes, where at the same time Anti Mage got a Rampage kill thus forcing EG to call the GG.

The Defense Game Three
Germany mouzUnited States EG
lycanthrope tinker disruptor
broodmother rubick leshrac
brewmaster lone druid
invoker sandking
dark seer venomancer enchantress
naga chen windrunner
shadow shaman anti mage
natures prophet kotl

After taking down two American giants, will mousesports have what it takes to dodge defeat from Counter Logic Gaming? Or will they once again suffer a downfall at the hands of the Swedish contenders. Meanwhile, the only American team standing, complexity Gaming will definitely have their work cut out for them, as these European teams will be out for vengeance.

Lower Brackets Finals
Sweden CLGvs.Germany Mouz17:00 CESTBet Here!
Grand Finals
United States coLvs.Other Mouz/CLG20:00CESTBet Here!

These epic battles will occur tomorrow at the given times. Furthermore, if you missed any of the action that took place last night, you can check out the VODs on the link below.

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