coL.Jeyo: 'Anything can and will happen!'

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 13 August 2012 12:36
Together with Natural 9 (today Absolute Legends), North American gamer quintet FIRE dominated the early days of Dota 2 from late 2011 to early 2012. Ever since, the long-term friends Brian 'FLUFFNSTUFF' Lee, Tony 'HANNAH_MONTANA' Talavera, Michael 'ixmike88' Ghannam, Jio 'Jeyo' Madayag and Tyler 'TC' Cook never looked back and consistently racked up good placements without ever changing a player.

It was mid February when the squad reached the attention of Complexity Gaming, who were eager to go competitive again, after having fielded a different but nonetheless successful North American team for Warcraft DotA in 2006.

The success story continued, as coL 2012 continued to deliver results whilst maintaining a stable lineup. This led to an early invitation for The International 2, the most spectacular Dota 2 event of the year, for which the team just started a training camp at the venue, Seattle.

Before ending his first day at the facility, which the following interview significantly prolonged, Jeyo answered our questions about the one and only topic.

An excerpt of our interview with Jeyo, August 13, 2012

Do you still wish to have experienced an actual LAN tournament side by side with your team mates before, with TI2 in mind. After all teams like Na`Vi or all Chinese contenders played countless offline matches in the past.

- Oh yes of course, every LAN experience counts and people from the community probably expect us to do bad on LAN events because of our inexperience, but anything can and WILL happen. It's always going to come down to who's got the most confidence coming into an event like TI2. And teams that do have the experience will have a fair advantage granted to them compared to teams that don't.

You mentioned that you are playing in a LAN environment already. Could you give us a little more details on how we can illustrate that. When do you get up and go to sleep, how are your sessions like and so on?

- We get up to practice when the sun rises and end when the sun goes down. Well for now we've only been on LAN for a day and even though we were inactive for one week because of vacation, we don't show any signs of slowing down. As for sessions I usually give high fives whenever we win or at least I try to. The environment is a lot of fun and the LAN centre is very nice (shoutout to gameclucks). I have never seen as much dedication as my teammates show when we practice, and I hope that it will pay off. I'd like to elaborate more but we're just here to have a positive experience and show good results in the upcoming events. Ixmike is a bit intimidating though.


I saw Fluff experimenting with Visage in one of your competitive matches shortly after it came out. Do you think the hero has potential to be used regularly?

- Every hero has potential as long as the player is comfortable at playing it.

If additional heroes were to get added to captains mode in these last weeks before the tournament like Visage and Nyx, would that hurt your game or do you feel you could adapt quickly enough. Other players already voiced discomfort, should more heroes see the light of day ahead of TI2.

- There's always the element of surprise when new heroes come out, and that's a thing that all teams worry about and it's something that teams use to their advantage.

With EG, you have a fellow North American team in the race for the million. If you were to cheer for anybody besides you, would it be your countrymen or do you perhaps sympathize with any other team in the field?

- I'd cheer for LGD!

Complexity.Dota 2 is currently on a training camp in Seattle. Check the following clip for some first hand footage of the players and find an additional video from yesterday on this very YouTube channel:

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