Akke: 'We have a lot of practicing to do and a lot to improve' - INTERVIEW

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 09 August 2012 00:30
AI-1-akke-lacoste.jpgJoakim 'Akke' Akterhall, Counter Logic Gaming's jungler and one of the veterans in the scene, sat down with GosuGamers to give us an insight in the team's preparations, his thoughts on the hero pool, how they moved on after DreamHack and how it will be facing Loda at the other side of the versus sign at The International.

An excerpt of our interview with Akke, August 8, 2012

So, The International, imagine that, huh? How does it feel? Are you excited?

- I am indeed! I'm pretty confident this will be one of the best tournaments I'm ever going to attend. The preparations everyone are doing, the teams that are participating... everything is perfect! Can't wait to be there and start to play the group stage.

Have you ever attended anything similar?
- Apart from DreamHack the biggest events are probably ESWC in Paris 2008 where we actually won - but never received the prize money - though it was a nice trip anyway... And the ESWC finals in San Jose one or two months after. The prize money in TI2 makes it stand out though so in a way the other LAN event can't compete with it. Can't even image what it would feel like to win TI2, but I guess I can ask Na'Vi guys about that, haha.


How did you feel after Dreamhack?

- Dreamhack was a big disappointment both for our team and for our fans. I didn't really like the idea with the groups that 2 groups got 2 BYOC teams and the other groups consisted of qualified teams. For us who were in Na`Vi's group, we just had one really hard game and then two really easy ones. Then after we advanced to the brackets we only got to play mouz and played really bad and after that we were out of the tournament. Since there wasn't any loser bracket we just went to DreamHack to play the group stage versus Na`Vi and then lose to Mouz. All that preparation for only 3 dota games in total didn't feel good at all. On the other hand we did finish fifth place which actually isn't so bad. But I guess everyone, including us, had higher expectations on where we would land.