820: Chinese teams may struggle with European variety

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 08 August 2012 14:07
The ex-EHOME legend, Yi Tian '820' Zou recently spoke to SGamer about Chinese DotA, The International and much more. Parts of the interview were translated to English by joinDotA's Jaywalker.

Despite making his name as an excellent player, 820 says that he is looking forward to attending TI2 as a commentator. "I feel slightly regretful that I'm not able to attend the event as a player," said the ex-EHOME player. "But being able to witness the championship is a great feeling."

Of course, it didn't take long for the interview to dive into his thoughts on the DotA scene at large. "I felt that [European teams'] LAN performances are not as calm and steady as us Chinese teams," he said of the Europe vs China situation. However, he still thinks the Chinese teams will need to be on top of their game: "In terms of countering, the Chinese teams need to do a lot of preparation work and perform on a good standard."

Despite some poor results against Zenith and Orange, 820 has confidence in the Chinse teams' ability to perform better on LAN. "After countless matches I came to conclude that they perform extremely well online," he said of South East Asian teams. "But once it reaches LAN events they are not able to perform the same level as they do online." Clearly proud of the Chinese scene, he hopes that the SEA teams can put up a good showing regardless: "I hope during LAN events they will still be able to perform [aggressively] without any constraints."

It's little surprise to find out that the Chinese commentator believes his compatriots have the best chance of winning. "I favor the Chinese teams, but I don't know which specific team," he said. "I hope all five teams will be able to perform outstanding in the group stage." Of course, he saves his most encouraging words for his former EHOME team-mates: " I hope my old teammates 357 and Dai will still perform well, leading EHOME to win and make the team proud!"

SGamer - Source
Join DotA - English translation