POTM Bottom plays Absolute Legends in $100 King of the Hill series

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 07 August 2012 08:41

Absolute Legend's King of the Hill series return with fresh faces - recent juggernauts POTM Bottom and home team Absolute Legends will go head to head this Friday, 10th August at 20:00 CET for a start up prizepool of $100.

The first edition of the KotH series played one month ago saw Moscow Five take the crown after defeat in three consecutive games. However, the approaching StarLadder LAN finals meant that they were unable to defend their crown and the score was reset.

On 10th August at 20:00 CET, a best of five matchup between Absolute Legends and POTM bottom will decide who will be crowned King of the Hill and secure themselves $100. Should they defend their title next week, the winning team will add another $100 to their winnings until a maximum of $500 or they are defeated.

Tune in this Friday to catch the makings of a very intense match - who will be crowned king?

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