POTM Bottom crowned as ProDota2 World League winners

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 06 August 2012 02:41
Already known as the International champions-slayers, POTM Bottom can also add the ProDota2 World League champions to their list of aliases. POTM Bottom managed to go for a 3-1 win against Counter Logic Gaming in a Best of 5 series today and leave as the victors of this competition.

And so, ProDota2 World League has reached it's climax, and the Swedish team, Conter Logic Gaming who has been in good shape as of late just wasn't able to overcome against the darkhorse of this competition, POTM Bottom. POTM Bottom were triumphant against CLG today, as they were able to clinch the game with a 3-1 victory.

In addition, mousesports were able to defeat Infused to advance to the finals of the Losers brackets to lose to CLG afterward in a one game showdown. Morevover, mousesports were awarded 3rd place for their efforts, and received a cash prize of $4,000 USD. Counter Logic Gaming acclaimed $6,000 USD as the runner-ups for ProDota2 World League.

POTM Bottom on an amazing run
By winning ProDota2 World League, POTM Bottom continues their already unstoppable streak. POTM Bottom has went over every opponent that has been thrown on them, with the exception of their match with coL in ECAL. However, POTM Bottom were able to overcome against some top-tier teams such as Darer, Quantic, Na'Vi, iG, and now CLG to win the $10,000 dollar prize.

1st Game:
The confrontation between pB and CLG was one to remember. The first game ended in 15 minutes and 55 seconds with a score of 16-2 in favor to pB. Bounty Hunter became the key component to pB's early success, as his ability to roam and search for bounties pushed CLG back. POTM Bottom's ganking ability proved to be too much for CLG to handle, resulting in a significant gold difference. The GG was called by CLG as a teamfight went wrong for CLG as pB pushed into the tier three tower.

United States POTM BottomSweden CLG
natures prophet lycanthrope leshrac
naga dark seer invoker
morphling storm spirit
shadow shaman venomancer
tinker chen lone druid
rubick windrunner enchantress
crystal maiden bounty hunter
death prophet slardar

2nd Game:
After the quick loss earlier, CLG seemed determined, and with them picking up a Sand King, Enigma, and Queen of Pain it seemed that the team fights could be heavily on their side. And it was, as CLG had a slight lead on the early game. The game had a more conservative approach. At 20 minutes, the score was still in favor for CLG. Nevertheless, slowly but surely, the gap started to tighten, and the Morphling pick by POTM Bottom was paying off, as the only carry in the team was starting to get stronger and stronger. Finally, with Enigma's and Sand King's ulti proving to be ineffective for Morphling, the GG was called once again by CLG.

Sweden CLGUnited States POTM Bottom
rubick dark seer tinker
natures prophet naga lycanthrope
bounty hunter beastmaster
night stalker anti mage
invoker enigma sandking
leshrac chen morphling
queen of pain enchantress
windrunner tidehunter

3rd Game:
The word that could best describe this game would probably be: unusual. Not only with the surprising picks of Luna and Jakiro from POTM Bottom, but the length of the game going all the way to 75 minutes. Even so, the game was still a nail-bitter. The match certainly highlighted the carries from the beginning, as Luna and Morphling advanced to get farmed. The middle lane was more action packed as Tinker struggled to get the best out of Shadow Shaman. And as time went on, CLG seemed to have this game under the bag, as teamfights were going well for CLG. But that wasn't the case, Luna was growing, and growing fast. Meanwhile, Rubick able to buy some time with an unstoppable streak, and that enabled Luna getting a Manta Style, and Black King Bar on the Luna which darkened CLG's chances of winning. After a couple of teamfights ending in a deadlock, POTM Bottom managed to take out the top tier three tower, but with Pajkatt strong ability to tank and buyback, their push was denied, and the Luna fell short. Luna's death bought CLG a lot of time for them to push POTM Bottom's barracks, but not enough to end the game. However, at the 74th minute with a teamfight going wrong for POTM Bottom, CLG was able clinch the victory after the GG was called.

United States POTM BottomSweden CLG
natures prophet lycanthrope leshrac
naga invoker dark seer
storm spirit beastmaster
lone druid dragon knight
tinker enchantress rubick
morphling chen windrunner
luna jakiro
shadow shaman earthshaker

4th game:
After an epic 75 minute showdown, it's obvious that the teams were exhausted, and it showed as the CLG and POTM Bottom's movements started to get stagnant. The early advantage went to CLG as their bottom towers vanished. But that lead was short lived as POTM Bottom avenged the lost of their bottom towers by destroying CLG's top towers, and the middle lane barracks by 20 minutes. The Anti-Mage was farmed, but still couldn't do much as pB took most control of the map. The Roshan kill, and an Anti-Mage kill secured the $10,000 USD for POTM Bottom as they marched themselves to victory.

Sweden CLGUnited States POTM Bottom
invoker dark seer tinker
natures prophet naga lycanthrope
bounty hunter beastmaster
venomancer shadow demon
leshrac chen anti mage
rubick morphling enchantress
windrunner sandking
shadow shaman enigma

Congratulations to the POTM Bottom squad,

United States JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu
United States Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas (C)
Canada Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling
United States Drew 'Tidesoftime' Biessener
Canada Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen

With the ProDota2 World League already in the list of their accomplishments, will POTM Bottom look to add another one with their standing in The Defense? Don't forget to catch their match against mousesports soon.

Source: ProDota