xy-: 'Na'Vi stands out in Europe because they have a unique gameplay'

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 03 August 2012 19:10

Regarded as the Singaporean powerhouse, Zenith has been looked as one of the top dogs going into the International and with the International closing in, Razer academy brings another edition of Road to the International. This time Razer interviewed Toh "xy-" Wai Hong. He also gave his picks for the top three teams at The International, and gave tips about how public players can move to the competitive scene.

"To tell you the truth, I didn't like my old role, I didn't like playing carry in the first place, and I prefer my current now." said xy- when asked about the passive role he's playing.

In addition, xy- also gave some tips regarding public players who wants to move to the competitive scene. xy- suggested that players should: "Be humble, Be humble, because there's always room for improvement. So if you work hard, and you try to find out your own weakness, you will be able to improve, and hopefully be able to play competitively at an International level."

Futhermore, xy- shared his opinion on which one team in Europe stands out than the rest. "Definitely Na'Vi" exclaimed xy-, "They have a very unique gameplay, and I have faced them many times last year, so I am aware of their capabilities."

With 15 talented teams in The International, it is certainly going to be difficult to predict the top three, moreover the winner. However, xy- was able to give his own top three teams at the International. "Zenith first, Na'Vi second, and EHOME third"

He also gave his top pick from Asia who can do well in The International (other than Zenith)

"Probably LGD, because they have a better understanding of Dota 2. But I'm not sure about their future."

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Source: Razerzone