Defense UB final - CLG defeats mouz to advance to Upper Bracket Final

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 03 August 2012 13:28
The upper bracket of The Defense has reached its finals, as we saw Counter Logic Gaming defeating mousesports by 2-0 yesterday. Meanwhile, in the lower brackets, Evil Geniuses managed to defeat Storm Games Clan by 2-0 and they will face fellow American team Quantic, who lost to complexity Gaming 2-1 in the Upper Brackets Round.

Round three has ended, and the finals are set for the upper brackets. It will be Counter Logic Gaming facing complexity Gaming. Counter Logic Gaming who were able to beat down mouz by 2-0 showed that they are a very strong contender in this competition. This first game against mouz showcased Pajkatt's Axe, who proved to be the wildcard in the game. Nevertheless, the game ended with a score of 19-39 in favor of CLG. The second game didn't go as mouz planned, as they were beaten by a distant score of 44-9.

EG advanced to round two in the lower brackets, as they were able to win against SGC by 2-0. The first game saw EG winning by a score of 24-16, and the second game with the same result, but with a wider score of 25-42 in favor of EG. With a decent win from EG, they will face Quantic in Round 2.5.

With the Defense wrapping up real soon, the intensity is unbearable. It will take just one more match to conclude Round two in the lower brackets, and that match will be Na'vi vs POTM which will be taking place today at 18:00 CEST. The winnner of that match will be going against mouz in Round 2.5

The Defense
Upper-Brackets Round 3
Sweden CLG2-0Germany mouz
United States coL2-1United States Quantic
Lower-brackets Round 2
United States EG2-0Slovakia SGC
Upcoming Matches
Ukraine Na'vivsUnited States POTM
United States EGvsUnited States Quantic

In addition, Joindota’s The Defense is also pushing towards their finals and in anticipation they are running a free weekend for that tournament. All Dota 2 players will be able to watch live games plus any replays starting tonight and lasting until Monday. Just in time to watch Mouz, CLG, Na’Vi and POTM Bottom duke it out.

Source:The Defense, VODs