Friday's patch introduces new hero selection UI

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 03 August 2012 12:03

As Valve's preparations for The International heats up, today's patch update brings a host of fixes and visual improvements to the client with no new heroes added (following their decision to cap the hero pool at 90 heroes).

A brand new hero selection User Interface adds functionality for viewers who opt to spectate matches via the in-game client as they are now able to 'examine heroes and their abilities as they’re picked'.

Matches now possess a rating function where viewers can either like or dislike a recent match - the first tournament to make full use of that functionality will be joinDOTA's The Defense. The finals will run this weekend and all live games plus replays will be free for viewing over the weekend and ending on Monday.

As always, the full list of changes is available at the following link.

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