WCG welcomes the first four teams for Samsung Europa Encounter

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 31 July 2012 21:36
After announcing Dota 2 as an official game for their tournament, World Cyber Games Europe have also recently announced the first four teams that are going to contend for the prize money at their very own Samsung Europa Encounter. All these four teams are certainly known in the competitive scene and will face off at Gamescom from the 17th to the 19th of August.

Not long after making their announcement of having Dota 2 this year, WCG has dropped a lot more news regarding the participating teams. The first four teams, coming from all parts of Europe, are:

Europe mTw: mTw were this year's Dreamhack Summer winners, GosuLeague Season 2 winners, and they were recently crowned the winners of the Premier League Masters. With that many accolades, mTw are definitely the team to look out for. With their brash styles, mTw is certainly going to be one of the top dogs in the competition.

Slovakia SGC: Storm Games Clan is one of the underdogs going on this competition. But with previous success, winning the Fnatic PLAY Raidcall Cup, the Slovak team certainly has a chance to make their mark in Europe.

Sweden Infused: The all-Swedish team who were crowned as the winners of the first ever GosuLeague season have certainly been growing as a team, and after placing 3rd in Starladder, Infused will certainly have their eyes on the prize, and will enter SEE determined.

Denmark Copenhagen Wolves: The Danish team was the runner-up of Starladder Pro Series #2, and could certainly be considered as the dark horse in the competition. In addition, they had previous success against the top-tier, mTw. With other great European competitors, does Wolves have what it takes to pull off an upset?

Don't forget to tune in on the 17th-19th of August to catch WCG SEE along with the first caster announced for WCG SEE, Christian Czech from

Source: WCG SEE