GosuLeague deciding match of PD7: Darer defeats mTw

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 30 July 2012 18:59

mTw and Darer played the finishing match of GosuLeague Season 3 Division 1. Both teams still had chances to go for second place with a victory in this deciding match.

The starting position was easy. Whoever wins the last match of GosuLeague division 1, mTw against Darer, would be second in the division 1 and get a prize money of 1,500$. In case of a draw, Darer would take this important runner-up position.

Game 1: Chaos Knight gets too tanky

Witch Doctor and Gyrocopter are featured in the first game between mTw and Darer, two rarely seen heroes in competitive matches. Darer unconventionally adds Chaos Knight, Rubick, Wisp, and Leshrac to this mix. mTw, more standard, plays with syndereN on Invoker and Lone Druid on Sockshka.

Both teams play with their full lineups for this match, no standins interfere. Though Sockshka manages to get a good farm, and mTw has an advantage for the majority of the game, tearing down a set of barracks his not being achieved by mTw.

Wisp gives Darer two advantages in the late game: High mobility with the ability to bring back buy-back heroes into the fight, and the ability to look into the Roshan pit from uphill. This, together with Chaos Knights immense tankability, allows Darer to win two decisive team fights, first at the Roshan pit, then on the middle lane, when Sockshka fights alone and has to be traded for a Leshrac kill.

But as Leshrac already has Bloodstone at this point, this opens up the opportunity for Darer to push in all three sets of barracks, securing the win on the first map.

GosuLeague Division 1
Europe mTwUkraine Darer
broodmother naga kotl
lycanthrope natures prophet dark seer
enchantress enigma
tinker venomancer
lone druid invoker chen
leshrac chaos rubick
windrunner witch doctor
wisp gyro

Game 2: The mid-game push against early-game push.

After Darer won the first game, it was already clear, they would finish Season 3 as GosuLeague's runner-up. For mTw, a third place was still possible. All they needed was a win and the team would be on the same level as GamersLeague.

The picks of the second game are a bait. Darer starts off with Lycanthrope, Leshrac and Lone Druid, giving them enormous mid-game pushing potential. How to counter a push strategy? With more pushing. At least, this is the thought of mTw and they return with Death Prophet, Venomancer, Nature's Prophet and Enchantress, topping even Darer's lineup in pushing potential.

However, all Darer needs, is defending. And this they can do pretty well. Rubick stealing Ravage, and also Death Prophet's ultimate limits mTw's team fight potential massively. A successful defense of Darer at the bottom tier 3 tower is rewarded with a free Roshan kill. After another team fight loss, mTw knows' they are not going to have a chance with these lineups in late game and call good game.

GosuLeague Division 1
Ukraine DarerEurope mTw
broodmother tinker dark seer
naga chaos chen
undying invoker
kotl sandking
lycanthrope lone druid leshrac
natures prophet enchantress venomancer
rubick bane
death prophet tidehunter

Darer beats mTw for second place in GosuLeague Season 3 Division 1. mTw misses the podium in this season, after winning Season 2. Next season, it won't get easier, as Na'Vi will be promoted from Division 2A into the first division.

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