SGC advances to Round 2 after defeating M5 in The Defense

Posted by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani at 29 July 2012 11:07

The second season of joinDota's The Defense has almost reached it's climax with just two more rounds in the upper Bracket, and two more rounds in the lower bracket. Mousesports, CLG, coL, and Quantic are the final four in the upper bracket. While in the losers bracket, the teams are: Na'vi, POTM, EG, and final entrants SGC. Eight teams remaining, who will walk home with 6,000€?

The culmination of Round 1.5 in the losers bracket saw SGC rise above M5 with a score of 2-0. With a one game advantage in hand due to M5's being late, SGC was relentless and they proved it by defeating M5 in the second game by a final score of: 45-9. The end result was astonishing, but more importantly it established SGC as a forced to be reckoned with.

With four teams just set in the lower bracket, the Round 2 is prepared to kick-off very soon, as we will witness Na'vi face POTM Bottom, and EG facing SGC. Meanwhile in the upper bracket, an all-American round is set to take place as coL faces Quantic in Round 3 at 20:00 CEST today, while mousesports faces CLG.

If you missed any of the matches including the recent SGC vs M5 match, you can go ahead and watch them here: Defense VODs

Source: The Defense