The International - Status update four weeks before start

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 29 July 2012 00:18

The venue, the playoff dates, the teams, the Chinese casters. These were already announced by Valve concerning the 2012 edition of The International. Here is a collection of what additionally has been confirmed about TI2 by various people involed.

The International is the highlight of the Dota 2 year. Only four weeks are left until the start of the competition, not even 30 days. This is the time for teams to train hard for Seattle. And it's the time for the audience to get prepared to the event. The International 2012 overall will start on 27 August with the seeding group matches. 31 August, the official start, only marks the start of the playoffs.

There have been rumors, occasional confirms and announcements by individuals. Valve has not announced much yet, other than the location of the playoffs, the Chinese casters, and of course the participating teams.

Collecting all the single information pieces, we can almost complete the list of casters, the schedule of the whole event, the tournament system and the location for the group phase.

TI2 Casters
England EnglishRussia RussianChina Chinese
United States Ayesee
United States Draskyll
Australia TobiWan
United States LD
United States Luminous

Australia GoDZ
United States Nebula
Ukraine v1lat
Ukraine CaspeRRR
Ukraine mtrx4u
Russia NS
Australia Snowkiss
China 820
China Haitao
China 2009
China Miss
China DC

China Anderson

Group phase will be two groups of 8 teams. Within the group, all teams will face each other twice. This way 14 matches will be played by each team. The group phase will be played in the Valve offices in Bellevue, close to Seattle. Only the playoffs will be played in the Benaroya Hall, Seattle.

At least, all teams will play in the Benaroya Hall. The playoffs will have the same system like last year, with 8 teams starting in the upper bracket and 8 teams starting in the lower bracket. This way, only one match will be played at a time, during the whole three days at the concert hall.

Combining the group phase with the playoffs, the whole The International tournament is a five-day tournament once again, just as it was at gamescom, Cologne, last year. Concerning the participating teams, mousesports has been listed as "a replacement team", and they have announced that they will travel to Seattle no matter what will happen.

Schedule The International 2012:
27 August, Monday - Group phase
28 August, Tuesday - Group phase
29 August, Wednesday - Rest day / Travel day (for press and casters)
30 August, Thursday - Rest day
31 August, Friday - Playoffs
01 September, Saturday - Playoffs
02 September, Sunday - Playoffs (final day)

Photo Source: Seph Parshall/Benaroya Hall

The International 2012 (17/16)
Australia Absolute Legends
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Ukraine Darer
Sweden Team CLG
Malaysia Orange Esports
Malaysia MUFC
China DK E-Sports Club
China EHOME E-Sports Club
China Invictus Gaming
China LGD
United States EG
United States compLexity Gaming
Singapore Zenith
Russia Moscow Five
China TongFu
Europe mTw
Germany mouz (replacement team)

Unsure what to expect from TI2 overall? Here are eight things, you definitely can expect. (sarcasm included)

Did you find another announcement? Who is going to be the remaining host? Did any problems occur with the original TI2 plans? Discuss it in the comments!

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