Na'Vi apologizes for TPL Masters forfeit match

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 28 July 2012 17:03
Na'Vi was unable to play at ThePremierLeague Masters first round match against mousesports. Though scheduled long before the match, two players prioritised the WCG Russia qualifier over TPL Masters and were unavailable.

Na'Vi gave a forfeit 0-2 loss in the TPL Masters today. The Ukrainian team was unable to play, as two of their players, LightOfHeaveN and ARS-ART were playing the World Cyber Games qualifier for Russia at that time. Na'Vi wants to "apologize before everyone who expected that match."

Overlap of WCG Russia and TPL Masters

Both LightOfHeaveN and ARS-ART are registered on the WCG tournament for a team called Garaj.Gaming, together with NS, Scandal, and blowyourbrain. The team is currently qualified for the semi final, which will be played in best-of-three mode.

ThePremierLeague Masters will continue with the other first round match, mTw against Darer. For now, Na'Vi is only moved to the lower bracket final, which is scheduled for 19 CET this Saturday.

You can catch more information about the whole tournament of ThePremierLeague Masters this weekend on our TPL Masters event page.

Na'Vi's official statement on Facebook:

"To clarify all your questions about Na`Vi.DOTA match forfeit at TPL Masters we have to say that both LightOfHeaveN and ARS-ART are today playing in the WCG 2012 Russian Qualifiers. Unfortunately they were in-game when the match started and therefore the match was forfeited according to the current TPL rules and regulations.

We sincerely hope that you can understand our situation and want to apologize before everyone who expected that match."

Source: Na'Vi Facebook, TPL Coverage, ThePremierLeague, WCG Russia