Dendi: "I just think we are not the best anymore"

Posted by tingan "tinganh" huang at 24 July 2012 10:19

Dendi, a large contributor to Na'Vi's success, gives insight on his views of the game, the coming Chinese DOTA 2 scene, and DreamHack Summer.

Dendi is a modest man, wise about his perspective of the game, and a somewhat reluctant recipient of flattery. When asked about his outlook of being widely regarded as the best player in the world, Dendi gave most of his accreditation to his team, saying that when he shines, his team makes it happen.

His thoughts on the competition are soft spoken, general, but hold an air of quiet respect, when asked to identify a player he believed to have the highest potential, Dendi simply preached admiration for many professional players being unable to single one out in particular. In reply to the arrival of more Chinese teams in the Dota 2 competitive scene, he expects greatness, saying their performance will be as prominent as those showcased in Dota. When asked about his outlook about the conclusion of DreamHack Summer, Dendi humbly took his hat off to MTW, praising their success and admitting that Na ‘Vi really isn’t the best team anymore.

When talking about the game, Dendi ousted the concept of meta-game and player roles. Meta-game, in Dendi’s opinion, is a term players use to stifle innovation, an excuse to copy. Human creativity and intelligence produces a close to infinite amount of variations, so being adaptable is the most important trait to have. Those who believe in a meta-game philosophy are simply wrong. In regards to roles, Dendi believes a truly strong Dota player can excel at any role he plays because of his/her astute understanding of the game.

To close the interview, Dendi expressed a passion for simple things, Dota, friends, family, and ice-cream along with of course, a shout-out to fans and his sponsors.


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