ProDota2 World League goes into playoffs

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 23 July 2012 18:36
The ProDota2 World League is coming to its final phase. Both the Pro division and the Nonpro division are down to 8 teams worldwide, which will now determine the winner in double-elimination brackets.

The ProDota2 World League was started with the flair of the first worldwide league, combining all three regions America, Europe and Asia. However, up to now, all regions have played independently, with eight teams in the Pro divisions on each region and twelve teams in the Nonpro divisions in all three regions.

Now that the regional phase is over, two teams from America, and three from both Europe and Asia will proceed into the worldwide playoff phase. The grids are fixed, the double-elimination tournament can be begin, in both Pro and Nonpro division.

2 America, 3 Europe and 3 Asia

In the more important Pro division, the two American teams are Potm Bottom and Quantic Gaming. They will face Incivtus Gaming and mousesports in the first round. Apart from mousesports, Europe is represented by the two Swedish teams Counter Logic Gaming and Infused. Asia is completed with Orange eSports and team Zenith from Singapore. Detailed schedules for the playoffs are not available yet.

Pro League Playoffs
Upper Bracket Round 1
United States Potm Bottomvs.China Invictus Gaming
United States Quanticvs.Germany mousesports
Sweden Counter Logic Gamingvs.Malaysia Orange eSports
Sweden Infusedvs.Singapore Zenith

Nonpro League Playoffs
Upper Bracket Round 1
United States BelieBvs.Philippines DUSKBIN
Brazil paiN Gamingvs.Europe mTw
Kazakhstan NEXT.kzvs.Singapore Harrosh
Slovakia SGCvs.Singapore AEON Sports

Prize money ProDota2 World League:
1. $10,000 USD
2. $6,000 USD
3. $4,000 USD

Source: ProDota2