'Teams will play 14 group stage matches at The International'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 18 July 2012 08:26

'Teams have to show their best and examine their opponents in the best way,' stated Na`Vi's team manager olo)Ash in a StarLadder interview by Na`Vi.DOTA. Despite the focus on the LAN event in Kiev, more interestingly, olo)Ash revealed his team's preparations for the million-dollar tournament, and how they expect to perform.

'Dendi is in very good shape now, and so is XBOCT. ARS-ART, however, is not doing good sometimes.'

Many would say that Na`Vi are in the best shape since the start of the year after their StarLadder victory but olo)Ash insisted that when it came to The International, 'there is never enough time.' Na`Vi is not in their best shape, said olo)Ash, and every team, including Na`Vi, would be aiming to go 14-0 in their group stage in Seattle.

When prompted about their preparations against the Asians, olo)Ash revealed that the team does do 'their own homework'.

'Dendi watches how the Chinese play, how they perform, move in mid lane, and how they think during the pick and ban phase. What's more, sometimes we copy some of their gameplay features.'

'For example, there was a period when Chaos Knight was first pick for Chinese teams for a long time and no one from Europe could explain why. Having played wit hthe same style for a few matches and getting the same core items for Chaos Knight, we understand the reasoning behind the first pick.'

Looking ahead, a second bootcamp is in store for the Na`Vi players but until then, a small vacation is in store for the team, said olo)Ash.

Until then.