Na'Vi defends the title of Star Series

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 15 July 2012 22:31
Na'Vi defends the title at the Star Series finals in Kiev. In the grand final against mousesports, the Ukrainian team takes the best-of-five with two consecutive wins.

The final sadly went the fastest path it could have chosen. With two fast wins against team mousesports, Na'Vi wins the best-of-five grand final. Coming from the upper bracket, Na'Vi started the series with already one game ahead. This way, the official score is 3-0.

mousesports and Na'Vi have met three times during the offline finals in Kiev. In the group phase, Na'Vi took the win 1-0, in the upper bracket semi final, mousesports started the series with a win, but lost twice afterwards, finishing 1-2. Now, Na'Vi has added two more mapwins to the head-to-head scoreboard, making it a 5-1 overall score between these two finalist teams.

Star Series 2 Final
Ukraine Na'ViGermany mousesports
shadow demon broodmother enigma
lycanthrope dark seer tinker
venomancer crystal maiden
sandking brewmaster
natures prophet leshrac enchantress
chaos chen lone druid
tidehunter mortred
windrunner ancient apparition

Star Series 2 Final
Germany mousesportsUkraine Na'Vi
tinker chaos enchantress
dark seer natures prophet lycanthrope
leshrac kunkka
venomancer queen of pain
broodmother sandking enigma
chen shadow demon rubick
crystal maiden anti mage
tidehunter juggernaut

The grand final concludes the four-day tournament at the Cybersports Arena in Kiev for the finals of the Star Series league. After CLG, EG, mTw and Keita denied the invitation, the tournament was only held with five teams in total, not six as was planned originally. A total of 14,000 US-Dollar were distributed among the teams. Seven weeks prior to The International.

mousesports, the team which was so keen on playing against Na'Vi offline, as they were very sure their playstyle would benifit them, has shown it is not ready to dethrone Na'Vi, yet. However the team has defeated the two The International teams Darer and Moscow 5 during the course of this tournament.

For Na'Vi, Darer and M5 this was probably the last offline tournament before the International. Seven weeks are left for all teams to prepare, and mousesports will keep up the pace, at it is still one of the backup teams for Seattle.

Star Series Final Standings
1Ukraine Na'Vi$6,000
2Germany mousesports$3,000
3Russia Moscow 5$2,500
4Ukraine Darer$2,000
5Russia Empire$500

Source: StarLadder