ProDota: mouz, Infused, and CLG quarter spots

Posted by "AnakAyam" at 14 July 2012 00:46
Prodota 2 is set to proceed to the quarterfinal round, with three places for the Asian and European divisions and one for the Americans. Having concluded their bracket, mouz, Infused, and CLG are through to the round of 8. They edge out big-name teams including NaVi and Darer.

On the Asian side, the administrators have decided on tiebreakers to determine whether iG will be allowed to the quarterfinals. iG, a replacement team for Starsboba, entered the competition halfway through the round-robin stage when SB quit after a 0 win 7 loss performance in the bracket. Now that the brackets are about to be concluded, a conflict ensued regarding iG's fate in the tournament. The formidable Chinese team achieved a 6 win 1 loss (to Zenith) tally playing only half the tournament, collecting 12 points in 7 matches as compared to Orange's and EHOME's 14 points in 13 games.

As a result, the administrators intend to set up two best-of-one matches pitting iG against EHOME and Orange. Should iG win, they will automatically qualify along with Zenith. It is not yet known by press time to whom the last spot will be given.

The same applies for the American division. Quantic and compLexity lead with 22 and 20 points respectively but EG are lurking nearby. With 14 points and 4 games in hand, the team has a good chance of making the quarterfinals and edging out one of the current leaders. However, the schedule appears incomplete and no details are provided as to when the matches will be played. Stick around for an update!

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