Team Empire last in StarSeries finals group phase and out

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 12 July 2012 20:14
Team Empire is the first team to droup out of the StarSeries season 2 finals in Kiev. After the group phase with all five teams in one group, the Russian team has the worst time rating in a three-way-tie with mousesports and Moscow 5.

StarSeries 2 Finals Group Phase
1Ukraine Na'Vi4-0
2Ukraine Darer3-1
3Russia Moscow 51-3
4Germany mousesports1-3
5Russia Empire1-3

StarSeries 2 Finals Playoffs
Upper Bracket
Ukraine Na'ViFriday, 13:00 CETGermany mousesports
Ukraine DarerFriday, 16:30 CETRussia Moscow 5
Friday, 19:30 CETUpper bracket final
Lower Bracket
Friday, 19:30 CETLower bracket final
Saturday, 20:30 CETConsolation final
Grand Final
Sunday, 19:00 CETGrand final

Source: Group phase, StarLadder