HelloMoto dominate GosuLeague playday 2

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 11 July 2012 00:26

HelloMoto with two best-of-twos today jumps straight to position 2 in GosuLeague's ranking. A win against Darer and a draw against mTw give them a head start in the battle for first place. mTw still under pressure.

GosuLeague featured four matches today. One from GosuLeague's division 2, which Na'Vi won with a score of 2-0 and three from division 1. HelloMoto and Darer had to play in two matches, as one was the postponed match from playday 1.

In the match Darer against HelloMoto, the Ukrainians first tried a lineup with Wisp, supporting especially Tiny and Axe. However, this strategy didn't work out at all. Darer, without ArtStyle in today's matches, didn't show a good performance in this first match.

Europe HelloMotoUkraine Darer
leshrac chaos brewmaster
natures prophet broodmother dark seer
enchantress enigma
ursa chen
lycanthrope windrunner queen of pain
invoker wisp lone druid
tidehunter vengeful spirit
axe tiny

In match two, it seemed like Darer took HelloMoto now much more seriously. Rubick, an hero which can profit excellently from Morphling and Enigma in the opponent team. In this game, which was much closer than the first game, Rubick manages to strength morph and to get a four-man Black Hole. However, without a hard carry and after getting caught out too often, Darer gets destroyed in late game by Morphling.

Ukraine DarerEurope HelloMoto
dark seer broodmother enchantress
lycanthrope natures prophet chen
lone druid wisp
storm spirit brewmaster
leshrac windrunner shadow demon
invoker enigma morphling
rubick pudge
crystal maiden beastmaster

HelloMoto did not only play the match against Darer, the postponed match from playday 1, but also the playday 2 match on the same day. The winners of last season, mTw, was waiting for HelloMoto. mTw, playing with stand-in Akke instead of Kebap, decided to play a push strategy with Nature's Prophet, Broodmother and Chen.

Though being multiple towers behind, not to mention 15,000k gold behind, HelloMoto trusted in Chaos Knight's late game capabilities. A great Ravage while defending the top tier 3 tower secured HelloMoto the turnaround. In a long fight back into the game, HelloMoto secured the third consecutive win for the day.

Europe mTwEurope HelloMoto
morphling enchantress dark seer
lycanthrope lone druid enigma
venomancer sandking
tinker brewmaster
natures prophet chen broodmother
invoker leshrac tidehunter
vengeful spirit windrunner
chaos crystal maiden

However, mTw repeated the pushing strategy in the second game, convinced that this is the right way to play against HelloMoto in general. This time, Enchantress, Venomancer and Leshrac were responsible for the push. Doombringer was the non-standard-part in mTw's play. This time, HelloMoto did not stand a chance against mTw and lost already after 17 minutes.

Still, HelloMoto finishes this action packed match day with three mapwins and one loss, jumpung from zero to position two in the ranking. The European team is now at the same level as The Kazakh team today got a default win against Moscow Five.

Europe HelloMotoEurope mTw
lone druid enigma chen
lycanthrope dark seer natures prophet
tinker brewmaster
chaos windrunner
invoker tidehunter crystal maiden
enchantress broodmother leshrac
sandking storm spirit
venomancer doom bringer

M5 given a default loss, statement will be published later

Moscow 5 were given a default loss for not showing up on time and without notifying the GosuLeague admins the reason of it. They disagreed with the ruling and refused to play the second game. An official statement from the league administration will come later.

In the third played match of the day, Darer and Keita faced each other. However, only map one was played for now. Darer won in a convincing fashion on map number one. The second part of the best-of-two will be played on Wednesday at 17:30 CET.

GosuLeague Playday 2 Results
Div 1 PD1
Europe HelloMoto2-0Ukraine Darer
Division 1
Germany mouz2-0Denmark Wolves
Kazakhstan NEXT.kzFF M5Russia M5
Europe mTw1-1Europe HelloMoto
Ukraine Darer1-0Sweden Keita
Division 2A
Czech Republic iNfernity11 Jul, 18 CETRussia zNation
Sweden Infused11 Jul, 20 CETSweden EVODOTA2
Germany Pure Hard0-2Ukraine Na'Vi
France Baguette11 Jul, 18 CETJordan ZHOME
Div 2A PD3
Russia zNation1-1Ukraine Na'Vi
Division 2B
Germany uebelst11 Jul, 18 CETEurope Kaipi
Russia mansing11 Jul, 20 CETGermany WhA
Portugal 4040-2Russia Empire
Belarus PowerRangers11 Jul, 20 CETEurope

With today's results taken into consideration, mousesports is the only leader of the table in GosuLeague division 1. HelloMoto and are trailing its path. Last season's winner team mTw is under pressure after only scoring a single point out of two matches. Keita Gaming and Darer still have one match of the best-of-two of playday 2 left, which will be played on Wednesday.

Standings Division 1
1Germany mouz2 200+24
2Europe HelloMoto 2110+13
2Kazakhstan NEXT.kz2110+13
4Sweden Keita1,5010,5-0,51
4Ukraine Darer1,50,501-0,51
6Russia M52011-11
6Denmark Wolves 2011-11
6Europe mTw2011-11

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