MU: I look forward to growing through competition. The activity in community forums motivate me.

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Last week, there was a battle in the ACE DotA league for the top table placing. Second placed TongFu squeezed out For.Love to take pole position in the competition.

To recap, the ex-PanDa trio of Hao, Mu and Sansheng joined TongFu in 2011 and vastly strengthened the squad to become one of the top in the country. Overcoming the many trials in their journey, TongFu clinched the final Asian ticket to The International 2 in Seattle. However they fell short in the G-league with an unceremonious exit in the B bracket after a bottom placed performance; now the team has turned it around standing at the peak of the ACE league table, and leave even more to be expected.

Today, sgamer managed to invite TongFu's main solo player MU for an interview. We talk about recent competitions, the team's condition and adjustments, the upcoming battle in Seattle and his development going forward. Let's jump in.

A big thank you to MU for accepting the exclusive interview by sgamer, how about an introduction to all your fans out there?
TongFu.MU: Hello to everyone from sgamer and DotA lovers, I am TongFu.MU.

First, congratulations for defeating league leaders For.Love 2:0 in the ACE League last week. How did you guys feel having beaten such a strong team and wresting the top position?
TongFu.MU: FL is not a team to be underestimated, they have beaten us 2:0 in the G-League previously. We played better this time, and luckily got the top spot. We will continue to work hard in the upcoming fixtures, and there is a lot of pressure on us to mantain our standing.。

We have noted that you are now responsible for the ban/pick proceedings instead of Hao, does this slight adjustment mean anything?
TongFu.MU: Our manager wants to let the members of the team try out the ban/pick to see if we can achieve better results.

Previously in the G-League your team's performance was quite dismal, having only taken one point from NA in the group stage. What do you think about it?
At that time we tried a new strategy with a new lineup, in the first match we had the early advantage by grabbing Enchantress. Then in mid game we tried using Windrunner and Kael to control the opposing Brewmaster, but it didn't work out so we were emotionally affected. But right now we are well adjusted and have found the rhythm to our games.

Looking back at your 3 win 1 draw record in the ACE League, should that disprove Hao statement that "Shanghai is not our lucky venue"?
TongFu.MU: Well you can't really say that. All the competitions in Shanghai are against heavyweight teams, and these give us a lot of pressure. A losing team is simply immature and lacking in practice.

In the next few weeks we will see you face LGD, WE, and DK consecituvely, who do you think stands the best chance of ending your winning streak? Or are you confident of mantaining your record till the season's end?
TongFu.MU: The three teams are all very good and can beat us.

That said, what do you expect to achieve be the end of the regular season?
TongFu.MU: All the teams are extremely good and the new ones constantly spring surprises. I can't predict how we'll place, and can only hope to play to the best of our abilities. When the team grows through competition and accumulate experience, the journey becomes more interesting than the result.

As of now the team's overall performance has been quite remarkable, what do you have to say of the relations within the squad?
TongFu.MU: We get along well during practice and outside of it.

You recently beat WE in the qualifiers for The International 2, and grabbed the fifth spot for the Chinese. Your achievement has not gone unnoticed among the local gamers, are you guys feeling the heat?
TongFu.MU: Definitely, with pressure comes motivation.。Moreover, I believe that most DotA players use sgamer, if we play badly, the flaming will come swiftly!

From the many recent matches, you and Hao have been playing Queen of Pain for the team. How do you guys play this popular hero? What decides who uses QoP?
TongFu.MU: Hao plays a carry style QoP, while im more interested in ganking and controlling the game. It all depends on the needs of our lineup.

July is coming and The International 2 draws near, how do you guys manage your training time for DotA and DotA 2?
TongFu.MU: Teams that practise both will find it difficult but we just play with whoever we arrange matches with. We can work on our teamwork and individual skill playing either game.

Do you think the recent departure of Lanm has affected the squad's preparation for competitions? Especially that for The International 2?
TongFu.MU: Lanm is a very experienced DotA 2 player with a lot of unique insights and higher understanding of the game. We really regretted his move when he just left as we were very raw then. However the competition is coming in just a few months, I believe that with our current squad we have time to blend into a great team. Practice will be essential to attain good teamplay.

If we remember correctly, the trip to Seattle should be TongFu's first out of the country. Will your relative lack of experience affect your performance?
TongFu.MU: Jet-lag and weather differences might hurt us a little, but I think our members will acclimatise well.

What does 1 million USD mean to you?
TongFu.MU: The acknowledgement of the world.

Even though you guys did not participate in the recent StarsWar 7, you have been nominated for the SW eSports Academy prize in the Best Newcomer category. This is a recognition of your outstanding play in PanDa last year, do you have any thoughts on this?
TongFu.MU: My professional career is still young, and I feel honoured to be nominated. I am deeply appreciative of the team that loves us, and the fans that support us.

Ok, big thanks to MU for taking this interview, do you have anything to wrap up?
TongFu.MU: To all the fans in sgamer, I'd like to thank the sponsor TongFu and i-rocks for their sustained support. "TongFu porridge -- genuine sentiments"

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