VODs:'s Ursa and Wisp in Playday 1

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 10 July 2012 20:13


Not sure what you missed out in the brand new season of GosuLeague? Here are our picks from the first playday.

Denmark WolvesKazakhstan
lycanthrope dark seer enchantress
natures prophet chaos chen
anti mage riki
beastmaster lone druid
invoker leshrac sandking
wisp windrunner shadow demon
broodmother venomancer
night stalker ursa
sandking THEneNo- (Top)
leshrac Balsam (Top)
broodmother s4 (Bot)
venomancer Dickenson (Top)
invoker Calculus (Mid)
ursa Mantis (Top)
night stalker Reeves (Mid)
windrunner Creep (Bot)
shadow demon LuCky (Mid)
wisp eQual (Top)
Take me to the VOD!'s Ursa and Wisp pick caught the Danish team off guard, and despite being relative off form in recent matches, the Kazakhstan team were able to make it count in this highly action packed game full of kills and insane Teleport action by eQual.

Relive the action with Sheever in this one-hour fest - the rest of the VODs from GosuLeague can also be found at [email protected] and our replay database.

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