Empire replacing EG at SLTV finals

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 10 July 2012 16:17
Team Empire will replace team Evil Geniuses at the StarLadder StarSeries LAN finals in Kiev this weekend. Team EG was unable to travel to Ukraine, because of money issues. Empire finished in nineth position in the league's main round.

Just as last season, the American team which qualified for SLTV LAN finals is not going to travel to Kiev. This season, Team Evil Geniuses had to pull out of the playoffs, because the organisation was unable or unwilling to spend the travel expenses. Last season, team It's Gosu qualified but was unable to make the short-notice travel. This season, team Empire will go to Kiev as the replacement team.

mTw was the original replacement team, but isnt going

Darer and Moscow 5 had succeeded in taking the last playoff spots, leaving mTw in seventh position after the tiebreaker. With EG cancelling the trip, mTw was originally meant to travel to Kiev, but isn't going. Eighth in the main round was CLG, but the Swedes already called they wouldn't go even before the last playday was played. This way, team Empire is going to travel to the 6-team-playoffs as position nine in the ranking.

StarLadder Finals
Qualified Teams
Ukraine Na`ViRussia Moscow Five
Russia EmpireUkraine Darer
Germany mouzSweden Keita

AnahRoniX's statement:

"We are pleased that the first Lan tournament for our team is StarLadder! Thanks to the administration for the trust. We try to show a good level of play, in order to make it a really nice event for the spectators. Wait for us in Kiev!"

Maelk's statements:

"You clowns need to realize that this isn't mine nor any of the players' decision, but one made by EG-management.

1. We have been trying to get to go from even before we qualified for the event trying to get as big a budget as possible for that and bootcamp for The International 2. We even offered to forfeit our prizemoney in exchange of going and have players stay in Denmark immediately after the event.

2. I've been to more events than most players yet because I haven't attended SMM I'm supposedly a LAN-dodger. Why would I "dodge" free trips around the world with everything paid.

3. With the format StarLadder is using we were already guaranteed a place in the semifinals (top-4) meaning we'd already be guaranteed 2000$ winnings."
(in GosuGamers-Forums)

"We were excited about attenting the LAN finals, but ultimately had to face reality and realize that the expenses of sending us to Kiev would by far supercede those of any possible winnings. Instead we have chosen to extend our bootcamp for The International 2 with an additional week.

Good luck to all the participants at StarLadder, and thanks to v1lat and Mr.Devil for an otherwise succesfully ran tournament. Was a pleasure to compete thus far!"
(to joinDOTA)

1st Place: $6,000
2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $2,500
4th Place: $2,000
5th Place: $500
6th Place: $400
7th Place: $350
8th Place: $250