Potm Bottom win TheArena July over Quantic

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 09 July 2012 20:02
An all-American final in the July edition of TheGDStudios' TheArena: Quantic and Potm Bottom. Potm Bottom wins and set the second exclamation mark after the good placements in joinDOTA Open and Masters.

Potm Bottom have won the third Arena tournament hosted by TheGDStudio. In the all-American final, the players have beaten team Quantic. After the win of the joinDOTA Open 3 tournament and the second place in the tenth joinDOTA Masters, this is the third high placement of Potm Bottom within two weeks.

Runner-up team Quantic has beaten team Copenhagen Wolves in the semi-finals with a score of 2-1. Potm Bottom had already 2-0'ed team absolute Legends in the semi-final making the Arena tournament tournament without a map-loss. You can watch the whole VoD of all matches from Sunday on the GDStudio Twitch-channel. The victory in this invite-tournament gave Potm Bottom a total prize money of 1,000 US-Dollar.

United States Potm BottomUnited States Quantic
enigma dark seer chaos
enchantress lone druid windrunner
venomancer earthshaker
leshrac brewmaster
invoker chen shadow demon
lycanthrope natures prophet windrunner
beastmaster morphling
crystal maiden tidehunter

United States QuanticUnited States Potm Bottom
chen enchantress invoker
dark seer chaos lycanthrope
beastmaster crystal maiden
shadow demon vengeful spirit
beastmaster invoker lone druid
natures prophet enigma morphling
venomancer sandking
witch doctor queen of pain

The Arena July
Semi finals
United States Quantic2-1Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
Australia aL0-2United States Potm Bottom
United States Potm Bottom2-0United States Quantic

Winning history TheArena:
April: Germany mousesports
May: Europe mTw
July: United States Potm Bottom

VoD: TheGDStudio