mousesports take the lead in GosuLeague

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 08 July 2012 23:52

mousesports is the only team in division 1 to win both matches in their first round game against mTw. Four other teams share their points, Darer vs. HelloMoto will be played on Tuesday, as Darer is already on the way to Kiev.

Normally, GosuLeague doesn't allow the teams to postpone their matches. But normally, there is no StarLadder offline final, so the travel of Darer to Kiev is one of the few excuses which allowed Darer not to play against HelloMoto yet. scoring a point with Ursa and Wisp

Among the three matches in Division 1, which were actually played from the first playday already, were two draws and one win. mousesports were able to get themselves in a good position against the winner of previous GosuLeague season mTw. showed a good performance actually picking Ursa, which is not unusual for the Kazakh players, but mixing him together with Wisp. Together, these two heroes caused a lot of problems for Copenhagen Wolves as a powerful ganking combination. However, Wisp got banned in the second match and Wolves were able to tie the score.

GosuLeague Division 1
Kazakhstan NEXT.kzDenmark Copenhagen Wolves
natures prophet chaos chen
lycanthrope dark seer enchantress
beastmaster lone druid
anti mage riki
wisp windrunner shadow demon
invoker leshrac sandking
night stalker ursa
broodmother venomancer

Already yesterday, Keita Gaming and Moscow Five shared points in the first game of this new and third GosuLeague season.

Standings Division 1
1Germany mouz1 100+12
2Kazakhstan NEXT.kz101001
2Sweden Keita101001
2Russia M5101001
2Denmark Wolves 101001
6Ukraine Darer000000
6Europe HelloMoto 000000
8Europe mTw1001-10

In division 2a, Baguette, Na'Vi, Infused and zNation have taken the lead, all winning their first round matches 2-0. Division 2b showed uebelst and mansing with a draw, now tied in fourth place, while Empire, We haz Asian and Kaipi took the lead.

GosuLeague Playday 1 Results
Division 1
Germany Mousesports 2-0 Europe mTw
Kazakstan 1-1 Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
Sweden Keita-Gaming 1-1 Russia Moscow Five
Europe HelloMoto 0-0 Ukraine Darer
Division 2A
Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming 0-2 Sweden Team Infused
Germany Pure Hard DotA 0-2 Russia zNation
France BAGUETTE 2-0 Sweden EVODOTA2
Jordan ZHOME 0-2 Ukraine Na`Vi
Division 2B
Germany uebelst-gamynG 1-1 Russia mansing
Portugal Not Found 0-2 Lebanon Kaipi
Belarus PowerRangers 0-2 Germany We haz Asian
Europe Super!! 0-2 Russia Empire

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