Valve releases invites for The International Chinese casters

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 08 July 2012 08:37

The popular casting duo of 2009 and 820 along with veteran casters Haitao and DC join the mix in Seattle this year, representing the face of Chinese commentary at The International.

Seven Chinese media personalities will be there this year to provide Chinese fans with non-stop action over three exciting days of play. They are as follows:

The International 2
Chinese Broadcasting
Australia SnowkissChina 820
China HaitaoChina 2009
China MissChina DC
China Anderson

Icefrog announced on his MicroBlog (Chinese Twitter) that 'we have already invited 820, HaiTao, 2009, DC, Miss and Snowkiss as this year's The International casters.' The news exploded on Chinese forums shortly after with hype generated for the mega event in September.

The confirmed list of attending casters will most likely be announced at a later date, after flights have Visa issues have been settled.

SGamer - Original Announcement