Moscow Five take Masters X

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 08 July 2012 08:10

From a pool of eight teams, including Darer, Complexity, Moscow Five and mousesports, joinDOTA's tenth edition of the popular Masters series concluded last night with Russian juggernauts Moscow Five taking home first place and $650 in cash.

Three matches were played last night, with the semifinal matchup between POTM Bottom and Quantic Gaming going right after that between Moscow Five and mousesports. A Grand Final between Moscow Five and POTM Bottom was set up after a failed Rubick pick by mouz and aggressive ganking by PB when they played their American counterparts.

POTM Bottom proved that they were still able to take the fight at a high level despite not having nearly as much experience as PGG and co, bouncing back after a 15 minute first game defeat to steal the win in the second game.

Knowing that all cards were on the table, PB went for a level one Roshan in the third game and managed to take him down successfully. The first fifteen minutes then went in the American team's way, but as mid game approached and team fights broke out, it became apparent that Moscow Five were in it to win as well.

Moscow Five were eventually too much for PB to handle and they took the win after one last base assault and the 500€ prize money.

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