Moscow Five and Darer qualify for StarLadder LAN finals

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 05 July 2012 16:05

Last night's StarLadder Series tiebreaker was contested between Moscow Five, Darer and mTw, where the latter surprisingly crashed out without much of a fight to the two CIS teams. Moscow Five and Darer join four other teams who will now play it out for the $6,000 grand prize at the offline LAN finals in Kiev, Ukraine.

StarLadder Finals
Qualified Teams
Ukraine Na`ViRussia Moscow Five
United States EGUkraine Darer
Germany mouzSweden Keita

The finals of Season 2 will feature six teams instead of four with the original three-way tie between Moscow Five, Darer and mTw settled by best of three matchups where Moscow Five placed first (beating Darer and drawing mTw) followed by Darer (who beat mTw).

It looks like the off-form mTw will have to give Kiev a miss this month which means fans will get to miss the anticipated DreamHack rematch between Na`Vi and mTw. The first game will go live on 12 July at 11:00 CET and run till 15 July.

Will Na`Vi defend their Season 1 title and take home the lion's share of the $15,000 prizepool?

1st Place: $6,000
2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $2,500
4th Place: $2,000
5th Place: $500
6th Place: $400
7th Place: $350
8th Place: $250

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