Disruptor and Undying coming with first July patch

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 04 July 2012 21:11
The first Dota 2 patch in July brings two new heroes: Disruptor and Undying are now implemented, while Rubick, Luna and Wisp are enabled in captain's mode.

Valve is keeping up the pace in adding heroes to the Dota 2 client. In the now release patch of the Dota 2 test client, which is likely to be implemented in the regular client later this week, two new heroes are added: Disruptor and Undying.

Nuking supporter and durable pusher added

Disruptor is an intelligence support hero with nuking power. His abilities Glimpse and Kinetic Field can totally mess up the positioning within teamfights. Undying is strength tanking hero with pushing capabilities. His skill Soul Rip combined with his ability to summon uncontrollable Zombies, gives him the ability to heal up the damage he previously tanked.

Apart from the hero implementations, two minor changes have been made: Rebuys are now displayed shortly at the top bar in the interface and right-clicking i.e. Dagon level 1 in the shop when you already have level 1 will now assume you intend to buy Dagon level 2 instead.

Full patchlog of 4 July:

- Added Disruptor and Undying!
- Enabled Rubick, Wisp, and Luna in Captain's Mode.

- Bloodseeker: Fixed Bloodbath not properly granting a heal from enemy heroes dying in an AoE.
- Invoker: Fixed DPS burn from Chaos Meteor not stacking per tick.
- Luna: Fixed Eclipse ending if you get Cycloned.
- Outworld Destroyer: Fixed astral indicator to only show for hero and allied team.
- Rubick: Fixed stolen Persuasion not killing stolen creeps when lost.
- Rubick: Fixed stolen Relocate not teleporting teammates who are linked with a stolen Tether.
- Rubick: Fixed Toggleable spells not being stealable.
- Rubick: Fixed not getting flying vision or flying height when stealing Firefly.
- Rubick: Fixed Fade Bolt stopping when Rubick dies.
- Rubick: Fixed stealing Morph Replicate and Replicate not working correctly.
- Rubick: Fixed Invoker's Spell Stolen abilities having broken hotkeys sometimes when using Legacy Mode.
- Rubick: Fixed Telekinesis land AoE triggering Linken's Sphere.
- Wisp: Fixed Magic Stick interaction with Tether.
- Wisp: Overcharge and the two spirit control sub abilities no longer proc magic stick.
- Wisp: Spirits no longer don't retain their vision after they explode.
- Wisp: Fixed Relocate's return not interrupting other channeling spells (like TP Scroll).
- Wisp: Fixed heroes continuing old movement orders after returning with Relocate.
- Wisp: Fixed Soul Ring not working with Tether.
- Warlock: Fixed the burn aura from Warlock's Golems so it stacks correctly.
- Small fix to creep aggro reaction time.

- Fixes for guardian spirits rendering with pops and such when entering/leaving FoW.
- Added 'Telekinesis Land' effect marker for Rubick.
- The game now desaturates when paused.
- Fixed Wisp voice lipsync getting stuck on with random noise.
- Fixed ranged display stomping on ambient effects, including Wisp.
- Fixed Unusual Flying Couriers losing some of their effects when transitioning.
- Fixed Tether being left behind when enemy teleported into FoW.
- Changed Guardian Wisp Explosion Effects.
- Added more obvious Wisp Tether Boundary Effect.

- When someone buys back, an icon now shows on the top bar for 5 seconds.
- Tether now shows the amount that it heals it's target.
- Wisp spirits no longer show up on the minimap.
- Wisp and his tethered unit move their camera when they Relocate and Relocate back.
- Right clicking an upgradable item in the shop will attempt to upgrade any (fully combined) version of that item that the player already owns. (Right click on Necro 1 will actually buy a Necro recipe if the player has a Necro 1 or 2, etc)
- Fixed shop closing when other players' selections change
- We now show the Aghanim upgrade info in the ability itself if you're holding the scepter.

- The Relocate sound stops correctly now.

- Fixed a bug were all bots would disable themselves if a human on the other team disconnected before picking a hero.
- Changed how bots use Glyph, they should no longer use it when their buildings aren't being attacked.
- Made Crystal Maiden bot even more timid.
- Bots will temporarily no longer do Roshan.
- Made bots go to the lane front when defending in-base rather than cowering behind the innermost towers.
- Fixed bug where bots weren't correctly parsing their roles, which would lead to bad hero picking/randoming.
- Fixed case were bots could "cheat" and have knowledge of where their target was when blinking.

Source: Patchnotes