News and M5 in AbsoluteArena Kick-Off

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 04 July 2012 12:02
Absolute Legends is starting a new weekly King of the Hill event, called AbsoluteArena. In the kick-off match, and Moscow5 play in a best-of-five on Thursday.

Every week, best-of-five and 100 US-Dollar for the winning team, these are the key facts for the new king of the hill series hosted by Absolute Legends. The series is called AbsoluteArena and is already starting this week, with the kick-off match on Thursday, 5 July. and Moscow 5 in a Bo5

The match between and M5 is scheduled for 19 CET on Thursday. It's a best-of-five, so it might be an all-evening Dota 2 show. The casting for the AbsoluteArena will be provided by aL's own caster Austin 'The Capitalist' Walsh. The five kings of the hill may defend the title a maximum of four consecutive times, if that happens, two entirely new teams will be chosen to fight in the AbsoluteArena.

Absolute Arena
Kazakhstan Andrew 'eQual' Railyan
Kazakhstan Ernar 'Mantis' Urazbaev
Kazakhstan Ilya 'StalCat' Dorman
Kazakhstan Nursultan 'Reeves' Askero
Kazakhstan Daniyar 'LuCky' Kasenbaev
Bet!Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
Russia Vladimir 'PlzGoGame' Anosov
Russia Ivan 'vigoss' Shinkarev
Russia Igor 'M.Admiration' Kalnysh
Russia Vadim 'bloodangel' Trushkin

The latest match between and M5 was a best-of-two in the GosuLeague. You can watch the VoDs by Sheever of Game 1 and Game 2 in our VoD database.

Source: Absolute Legends